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Jordan’s Foreign Minister: Summit with Biden Cancelled in Response to Gaza Hospital Explosion

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Jordan’s Foreign Minister: Summit with Biden Cancelled in Response to Gaza Hospital Explosion

Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, has provided insight into the reasons behind the cancellation of a planned summit with US President Joe Biden. In an interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson, Safadi explained that the decision was made in response to the recent deadly explosion at a hospital in Gaza. The goal was to create a more conducive environment for addressing the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Safadi emphasized the importance of the United States‘ role in crisis management and stated that everyone involved in the discussions agreed that it would be better to postpone the summit. He explained that people were expecting a decision to end the war, but it became apparent that such a resolution was not yet within reach.

The Foreign Minister reiterated the indispensability of the United States in finding a solution for the region. The cancellation of the summit came in the wake of Tuesday’s explosion at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital. Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Autonomous Government had planned to hold the summit, but it was postponed after Biden’s consultation with King Abdullah II.

The Gaza authorities blamed Israel for the hospital explosion, but the Israel Defense Forces claimed it was a “failed rocket launch” by the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad. The United States‘ National Security Council currently believes that Israel is not responsible for the incident.

However, Safadi maintained Jordan’s belief that Israel was indeed responsible and called for an independent international investigation to establish the truth. He also stressed the urgent need for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, highlighting the increasing casualties and economic impact of the conflict.

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Safadi welcomed Israel’s agreement to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza from Egypt as a potential step towards a ceasefire. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing peace over war and expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region.

“We are looking for a humanitarian corridor that will bring medicine, food, and other supplies to Gazans. We have a hospital that has been operating in Gaza since 2009. Within a week, it will run out of supplies and will not be able to function. So if that happens, it will be a first step in minimizing what is a war crime by denying people access to food and water,” Safadi stated.

The cancellation of the summit underscores the gravity of the situation in the region and the need for international efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution. Safadi’s call for an independent investigation and his emphasis on prioritizing humanitarian aid further highlight the urgency of addressing the ongoing conflict.

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