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Juan Orlando must prove that he does not have funds

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Juan Orlando must prove that he does not have funds

Former President Juan Orlando Hernández has been granted the incorporation of an additional lawyer to his legal team for his upcoming trial. During a hearing with Judge Kevin Castel, it was decided that Attorney Stabile will be appointed as additional counsel for Mr. Hernández, as long as it can be demonstrated that he lacks the necessary financial resources.

Judge Castel made it clear that the appointment of Attorney Stabile will depend on Mr. Hernández completing a financial affidavit under oath and demonstrating that he is eligible to receive free or publicly funded advice. This decision comes after preliminary information indicated that Attorney Stabile is part of a pro bono law firm dedicated to representing individuals with low economic resources.

Journalist Matthew Lee of the agency Inner City Press reported that Mr. Hernández must demonstrate his lack of resources before February 12, the new date scheduled for the trial. This development comes as Lawyers Raymond Colón and Sabrina Shroff are already participating in the current defense of Mr. Hernández. The former president was not present at the hearing due to professional commitments in France.

The news of an additional lawyer being appointed to Mr. Hernández’s legal team comes after his family had previously raised funds on the GoFundMe platform to cover legal costs. However, the campaign was canceled by the platform due to third-party decisions.

Motions will be filed this Friday, January 26, before Judge Kevin Castel, who has rescheduled the trial for February 12 at 10:00 AM New York time. The case of former President Juan Orlando Hernández continues to generate significant interest as it unfolds, with the addition of Attorney Stabile to the legal team being the latest development in this high-profile trial.

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