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Juntanza Etnica, a project that promotes labor access in Santander de Quilichao – news

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Juntanza Etnica, a project that promotes labor access in Santander de Quilichao – news

This is an opportunity for those seeking employment in the north of Cauca.

With the purpose of promoting and facilitating access to employment in Santander de Quilichao and its surroundings, USAID and ACDI/VOCA develop the “Juntanza Etnica” program, a project of which Comfacauca is the executor.

This initiative aims to open new job opportunities and chart a path towards a more promising future for the Afro and indigenous population in the northern part of the department of Cauca.

The project is oriented towards a labor intermediation process that ranges from dissemination and registration to training in soft and specific skills, as well as job placement and intermediation.

Within the framework of this initiative, an initial selection of at least 72 people will be carried out, with the expectation of employing a minimum of 50 in a period of three months. These participants will receive support, including transportation assistance for the first two months.

The project, scheduled to be executed over a period of eight months, will focus mainly on companies located in the irradiation area or the urban perimeter of the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, as well as in the industrial parks of Northern Cauca.

The financing of the project comes from USAID and Comfacauca, with ACDI/VOCA as executor of the resources, and will be operated by the Comfacauca Employment Agency, which will manage the job placement of these people.

“We have seen in this project a valuable opportunity for those seeking employment, as well as an invitation to companies to actively participate in the generation of job opportunities for the Afro and indigenous population,” said Héctor Leonardo Morales Rodríguez, coordinator of the Technical Cooperation Area. from Comfacauca.

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Comfacauca urges employers in northern Cauca committed to social development to join this initiative by providing job opportunities to the project’s target population and, in this way, contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local economy.

Likewise, job seekers are encouraged to consider their Compensation Fund as a solid option for finding work based on their skills and profiles. “Juntanza Etnica” is a collective effort that aims to build bridges to a more prosperous future for all.


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