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La Zampa.it, the site for those who love animals arrives on Repubblica

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La Zampa.it, the site for those who love animals arrives on Repubblica

Today, the feast of St. Francis, is also World Animal Day. And it is from today that The pawthe Press channel dedicated to the world of animals and those who love them, coordinated by Fulvio Cerutti, it will become a hub available to Repubblica and all the newspapers of the Gedi groupa “newspaper in everyday life” currently available in digital version, which will be shared with the other platforms of the group.

In its 15 years of life, La Zampa has talked about animals of every species, not just domestic ones or as they technically say “affectionate”. With inquiries, services and advice on how to create a correct and respectful relationship with animals. Now the new hub, as director Cerutti explains, will allow the human-animal relationship to be investigated and explored in all its forms. Not least among the reasons for this choice, the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic that has prompted many families to adopt dogs and cats, to get rid of them when they are back to their former life.

Today La Zampa presents four main services, including the experience of Davide Bomben, an Italian ranger who teaches colleagues in Africa how to protect animals that are at risk of extinction, since tourism, blocked by the pandemic, has once again raised the problem of food resources. Then the psychologist breaking latest news will explain the deep reasons for our love for animals, clarifying the difference that exists with respect to the relationship with children, a topic recently raised by Pope Francis. In another interview Lino Cavedon, expert in pet therapy, talks about what extraordinary resource an animal represents for the healing of some patients. Finally, Dunia Rahwan, dog educator and radio host on Radio Deejay, will offer feedback on owners seeking an expert after adopting or purchasing a puppy.

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