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Leonardo: 2023 economic-financial results and 2024 Guidance

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Leonardo: 2023 economic-financial results and 2024 Guidance

Leonardo, the industrial giant active in the defense, aerospace and security sector, recently published its financial results for the fiscal year 2023, demonstrating solidity and resilience in a complex and rapidly evolving global context.

Despite the challenges imposed by the geopolitical situation and impacts on the global economy, the company reported significant revenues totaling €19.5 billion, underlining its ability to maintain a robust revenue stream.

Gross operating margin, or EBITA, stood at approximately €1,440 million, indicative of Leonardo’s effective cost management and ability to transform revenue into operating profit. This result reflects the company’s operational efficiency and its ability to navigate market uncertainties while maintaining solid financial performance.

Looking to the future, Leonardo also provided guidance for the year 2024, highlighting a prudent but optimistic approach. The company remains focused on carefully managing the supply chain and on adapting to various global inflationary pressures, seeking to minimize negative impacts on its operations. The objective is to continue to grow and develop, despite the economic and geopolitical uncertainties that characterize the current international scenario.

Leonardo’s 2023 financial results are a testament to the company’s strength in a time of significant global turbulence. With a solid financial base, the Group looks to the future with caution, but with the determination to overcome the challenges and seize the growth opportunities that the market will continue to offer.

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