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Little girl at school wearing niqab, teacher makes her uncover her face – News

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Little girl at school wearing niqab, teacher makes her uncover her face – News

A ten-year-old girl, a second generation immigrant, arrived at school dressed in the niqab, a large dark-colored veil that covers the woman’s body, leaving only a slit for the eyes.
It happened in Pordenone. The teacher asked that the little girl return to class with her face uncovered, as in fact happened.
As reported by Messaggero Veneto today on newsstands, investigations into the case will be carried out at school and the school directors of the city’s comprehensive institutions who have been working for years for the integration of children and for respecting children’s rights have been informed. The Islamic community of Pordenone welcomed the news with skepticism and concern.

The mother accepted the teacher’s invitation

Checks are underway on the case of the fourth grade girl from Pordenone who appeared at school last week dressed in the niqab.
From what has been learned, the story was relaunched on social media, but there had been no official reports as the teacher’s mediation had already resolved the case: the latter had explained to the pupil’s mother that the little girl would not have been able to enter the classroom with that type of headgear. Her parents did not object and the student was able to attend lessons normally with her classmates, whom she has known for many years.
Given the wide resonance of the case, the managers of the comprehensive schools in the city of Pordenone still asked the teachers for a report.

Muslim community, ‘perhaps a misunderstanding’

“We are talking about a case that does not seem to exist, perhaps the result of a misunderstanding. We read about this little girl who had her face covered at school, but that the situation was resolved in a few minutes. We have no comments to make also because our religion reminds us that that type of headgear should only be worn when one is older. Therefore, using it, in general, not only at school, for such a young child, was perhaps the result of an error of interpretation on the part of the parents.” Some members of the Islamic community of Pordenone said this in the case of the fourth grade student who was accompanied to school with a veil covering her face, leaving only her eyes uncovered.
The imam of the area has left and we are waiting for the new imam, who should arrive shortly.
“We don’t know any details of the story – they added – We are amazed that there is so much coverage of a case solved with wisdom by the teacher herself. As for our community, we are preparing to celebrate the month of Ramadan in great serenity”.

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