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Maintaining Internet Civilization and Dedicating Youth Power-Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the first China Internet Civilization Conference invites hot discussion among young teachers and students_Publications

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Original Title: Maintaining Internet Civilization and Dedicating Youth Power——Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the first China Internet Civilization Conference invites hot discussion among young teachers and students

China Youth Net, Beijing, November 19th(Reporter Wang Longlong Jiang Ning) The first China Network Civilization Conference opened in Beijing on the morning of the 19th. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission sent a congratulatory letter.

Teachers and students from all over the country studied the content of the congratulatory letter for the first time, saying that the congratulatory letter of the general secretary pointed out the direction for the current youth network civilization work. Build a beautiful spiritual home and contribute to the power of youth.

Spread positive energy and sing the strongest sound

Zhang Dongjie, a graduate student of Peking University, said that network civilization is an important part of social civilization in the new situation. “I deeply feel that in recent years, the cyberspace is clean and upright, and the forces for upward goodness have continued to gather, and cultural self-confidence has increased significantly. As a party member, you must actively speak out while being civilized to surf the Internet, so that the positive energy around you will increase. Many people pass.”

Harbin Normal University student Lu Yue told reporters after studying the congratulatory letter from the general secretary that as a young man in the new era, we must use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide to continue to consolidate and strengthen mainstream ideological public opinion. “On the Internet, we will practice the core values ​​of socialism, adhere to the main theme of network civilization, spread positive energy, gather upward forces for good, gather strong forces on the new journey of the new era, and sing the strongest voice of the times.”

“Internet civilization is a new civilization that has emerged with the development of the Internet, and is an important symbol of the progress of modern society’s civilization.” Li Zikai, a student from Henan Vocational College of Agriculture, said that the Internet is a double-edged sword that promotes social progress and also brings Many Internet chaos, “In recent years, the Internet environment has become clearer and clearer. As a young college student, I will resolutely abide by the Internet conventions, make good use of the Internet, and develop my studies.”

“Maintain the cleanliness of network civilization and contribute to the rational power of young people.” Chen Dongze, a student of Rocket Army Engineering University, told reporters that as a military academy student in the new era, he must learn network security knowledge, strengthen network security awareness, and improve his ability to avoid network traps. Spread the voice of a strong army, better gather the positive energy of a strong country and strong army, take practical actions to maintain the image of the party and the army, and take the initiative to fight online ideological struggles. “At the same time, we must correctly handle the relationship between surfing the Internet and work, study, training, and life, consciously take preparation for war as a guide, be good at using network resources to expand our horizons, improve our comprehensive ability and quality, and contribute our own strength to a network power! “

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Give full play to professional expertise and cultivate civilization

“I usually find some uncivilized phenomena in the process of surfing the Internet, such as insulting others, violent speech, etc., which makes me more and more aware of the significance of network ecological governance and network civilization construction.” Jilin University graduate student Lu Meng told The reporter, as a student of journalism and communication, learned about the development of the Internet in China and the importance of improving the Internet literacy of netizens in the process of learning. “I will give full play to my professional strengths, spread positive energy and positive and healthy content on the Internet, cultivate a civilized style, and contribute to the creation of a good cyberspace.”

“After studying the congratulatory letter from the General Secretary, I am deeply moved. As young students in the new era, we should bear in mind the instructions of the General Secretary and contribute to the building of a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet.” said Zhang Beibei, a student from Shandong University (Weihai). For young students, we should consciously spread the concept of civilization, cultivate civilization, and create a clearer cyberspace. “As a journalism major, I will definitely work hard to learn professional knowledge, focus on cultivating my own patriotism, moral sentiment, improve network literacy, and strive unremittingly to gather the powerful spiritual power of the new era.”

“Building a healthy, orderly and energetic cyberspace is an important aspect of doing a good job in network ideological guidance and cultural cultivation.” Chen Yan, a student of Huangshan University, said that after studying the content of the congratulatory letter from the general secretary, I deeply felt the need to study professionally. In practice, we will maintain network civilization with practical actions, sincerely interact and communicate rationally, and use the Internet in a civilized way and use the Internet in a civilized manner from the perspective of individuals. “At the same time, we will continue to improve personal professional cultural literacy, gather upward force for good, and join hands with netizens in the new era to build a network civilization.”

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Zhao Zhiying, a graduate student of Hunan University of Science and Technology, studied the congratulatory letter from the General Secretary on the morning of the 19th. She told reporters that different customs, cultural traditions, values, and lifestyles converge, collide, and compete on the Internet. The Internet provides individuals with a broad space. At the same time, the form of networked communication is indirect, virtual, and symbolic. This is a test of the personal moral level and civilized level of network users. “As young people in the new era, we should actively respond to the call of the general secretary, give full play to our professional advantages in networked interactions, continuously improve network moral psychology and network moral personality, and build a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet!”

Strengthen network education and build a network power

“As a member of the Tsinghua University graduate support team, I have clearly observed in the support teaching practice in Guizhou, Jiangxi and other places that the children’s study and life have undergone tremendous changes under the influence of the Internet. Through the Internet, they can learn from famous teachers. Online classes can understand the world situation, but the Internet also brings bad influences such as blindly chasing stars.” Tsinghua University student Han Jiangyue told reporters, “As teachers about to start, we must pay attention to and grasp the new characteristics and characteristics of students under the new situation. New education needs, guide students to make good use of network technology, resist adverse effects, help young netizens grow up healthily, and build a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet!”

Lei Ming, a young faculty member of the Political Work Department of the Armed Police Engineering University, said that the construction of network civilization is an urgent need in the new era and new situation. In the face of slander and slander, we have the determination and courage to fight to the end by keeping our eyes open and distinguishing right from wrong. Adhere to the new order of cyber civilization, hold the microphone in your hands, tell stories about strong military, and write strong military beliefs, so that the vigorous cyberspace will become a new home that unites people’s hearts and is harmonious and healthy.

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“The network ecology is an important part of the life of contemporary young people, covering many aspects such as study, work, and life. It is ours to enhance young people’s network literacy, improve the quality of network information, build an elegant network culture, and create a clean and upright network environment. The important task of propaganda workers.” Chen Yong, director of the News Network of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of China University of Petroleum (East China), said that as journalists in colleges and universities, we must combine youth network civilization education with school news and propaganda work and take advantage of the media platform. , Vigorously promote the core values ​​of socialism, spread the concept of civilization, promote ethics, use the media to speak for the network civilization, and contribute to the construction of a network power country.

“At present, online life has become an important part of the lives of young people. Strengthening and regulating the education of young people’s online cultural literacy is the mission of the Communist Youth League in the new era.” Yuan Jie, secretary of the Youth League Committee of Dalian Nationalities University, said after studying the congratulatory letter from the general secretary. Workers of the Communist Youth League, we must incorporate youth online civilization education into the important content of school civilization education, continue to deepen the content of the work, enrich the content and form, and innovate the work carrier. In daily work, we will work hard and work for a long time to educate and guide young people of all ethnic groups to use it well. Network, vigorously cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism, spread the concept of civilization, cultivate civilized customs on the Internet, integrate the construction of youth network civilization throughout the entire process of youth work, build a harmonious, beautiful and civilized family of the Chinese nation, and contribute to building a strong network Youth power.Return to Sohu to see more


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