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Maturity: plenary meeting tomorrow, teachers take office – breaking latest news

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Maturity: plenary meeting tomorrow, teachers take office – breaking latest news

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 18 – The 2023 State Exams officially get underway with 536,008 students (521,015 internal candidates and 14,993 external candidates), while there are 14,000 commissions, for a total of 27,895 classes. The Maturità tests will also involve tens of thousands of teachers, including presidents and exam commissioners: it will be they, divided into 14,000 commissions, who will judge the outcome of the three tests (two written and the final oral). We will start on Wednesday 21 June, at 8.30, with the Italian test; the day after the disciplinary one will take place, always written. Already tomorrow, Monday 19 July, the commissions (mixed, with three external professors plus the president) will take their seats, giving life to the plenary session for the general organization of the works, starting from the definition of the calendar of the interviews.

We return, therefore, to the three “classic” tests after three years of Covid, but in terms of remuneration – the unions complain – practically nothing changes for the teachers and school managers involved, who are entitled to the salaries of over 15 years ago. when the interministerial decree of 24 May 2007 and subsequent note no. 7054 of 2 July 2007 with the new tables: the basic quotas for the function performed range from 400 to 1,200 euros gross, to which any increases must be added, especially for those who have to face the costs for “transfer”.

“Since they are strictly gross amounts, therefore to be halved, we consider it almost offensive to have to comment once again how small they are – declares Marcello Pacifico, national president of Anief -, above all if we think that only in the last two years has the increase in inflation been two digits.

How can one think of remunerating professional teachers with such inadequate compensation who already receive salaries that moved forward only in 2018, by 3.42 percent, and then last December, with Anief as a signatory, by more than 4 percent?” (ANSA).

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