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Meet the new release of Elkin Uribe, “Unforgettable”

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Meet the new release of Elkin Uribe, “Unforgettable”

From the hand of the successful Colombian composer Wilfran Castillo, Elkin Uribe launches “Unforgettable” a single which will make you emotional and motivate you to continue fighting for your dreams, with a fresh style and full of influences from the greats of vallenato.

Elkin Uribe is a 34-year-old artist from Valledupar, Colombia, who has a long career in the musical world, being part of the musical group “Los Niños del Vallenato”

when I was just a child.

As a soloist, he launched his first musical work in 2007 with his album entitled “Yo soy el ganador” which was accompanied by other long-term releases, including “Voy a triuncar” released in 2013, and his latest production long-playing label “Vuelvo Al Ruedo” released in 2017.

Throughout his musical career, Elkin Uribe has tried to touch the fibers of the listeners, by interpreting their music from the heart, recounting their own experiences and stories, looking for each person to connect with their voice and identify with their own life.

Elkin Uribe has been influenced by the greats of vallenato including Jorge Oñate, an artist whose cousin he is, Rafael Orozco, Iván Villazón and Carlos Vives; in addition to other important musical figures of Latin music, such as Juan Gabriel, Frankie Ruiz and Joe Arroyo, all of whom Elkin has used to create his own musical style.

During his career, one of the great objectives that has catapulted the charismatic musician is to make music exactly as his heart drives him, avoiding thinking about the industry and without getting carried away by making art solely for purely commercial reasons. Elkin Uribe has the objective of making the music that he feelsimpregnating his soul in each of his songs, beyond thinking about mere success.

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Both his musical influences and Elkin’s wishes to return to the stage are reflected in his new release, “Unforgettable” a single by the prominent Colombian composer Wilfran Castillo. Said composer has among his works a large number of songs authored by him and has worked with multiple Latin American figures, including artists such as: Nico Valdi, Paola Jara, Pasabordo, as well as his own musical project. of the.

Wilfran Castillo found in Elkin a voice with great musical bases, who despite being somewhat absent from the industry and not recording in recent years, was still hungry to resume his musical career and conquer new listeners, creating music that makes the audience vibrate. colombian artist, portraying in “Unforgettable” that desire to resume his talent for telling stories through music.

With his faith in God intact, his discipline and constancy, Elkin Uribe knows that his moment is yet to come and you can enjoy this new release on music platforms such as: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer; as well as their social networks:

Instagram: @elkinuribe

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