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More efficiency and a better developer experience for development teams

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More efficiency and a better developer experience for development teams

Prioritizing tasks and then working through them – that works great in theory, but mostly only there. In practice, sprints are rarely static. Things change, every development team knows a thing or two about it. Code needs to be reviewed, sometimes even completely revised. Security vulnerabilities occur. And the team members have to collect these individual pieces across tools. It is often difficult to identify the right ad hoc tasks that should be processed as quickly as possible.

The new Jira Work Suggestions feature set helps the team do this: It automatically shows you open work across your tools that needs your attention.

Jira Work Suggestions: Urgent ad hoc tasks and bottlenecks become visible across tools

Work Suggestions aims to shorten the feedback loops with regard to open work. By integrating code management, CI/CD and security tools into Jira, work that was previously isolated in these systems becomes visible and part of the daily planning routine. This limits the amount of disruptive notifications, additional decisions and annoying context switches.

A better developer experience

Coordinating newly prioritized work in real time between team members is a challenge. The Work Suggestions support you in this by making current hurdles visible and suggesting the most effective actions to eliminate bottlenecks.

Jira is intended to promote development experience and help the team be more productive. The Work Suggestions bring these things to light:

Pull requests in which you are defined as a reviewer. Pull requests that require changes. Failed deployments related to tasks currently assigned to you. Failed builds related to tasks assigned to you. Critical security alerts that affect the processes in the sprint.

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Address pull requests early

It’s not a pleasant thought that your own team just has to wait for you, is it? Therefore, pull requests should be processed as early as possible. Typically this means digging through operations or the source code management tool. However, on the one hand this takes time; on the other hand, there is a risk of missing something in all the data. Work Suggestions shows you exactly which pull requests are waiting for you, so you can get your work done without searching.

See failed builds and deployments

Does your team have different automations that provide notifications about failed builds? Or do you rely on your teammates? Let Jira handle it! In the work suggestions view, you can immediately see which deployments and builds had problems. This is a practical shortcut to greater efficiency.

Take security seriously without leaving everything behind

Security is essential when developing quality software. Development teams use various security tools – and finding the latest critical vulnerability is often a fairly complex task. Work Suggestions takes this time-consuming task away from you and automatically provides information about critical vulnerabilities related to issues in your team’s sprint. No matter what tool they come from – Jira has you covered.

The Work Suggestions in Jira Software (currently in early access) can provide valuable services to teams that have integrated their code management, CI/CD and/or security tools. Thanks to this integration, Jira is able to bring pull requests, builds, deployments and security issues directly onto your daily work radar screen, thus ensuring greater efficiency.

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