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Municipality of Ambato opens registration for free cultural courses

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Guitar, singing, dancing and dancing are just some of the free cultural courses offered by the Municipality of Ambato.

The Municipality of Ambato opens the call for permanent cultural courses called ‘Wiñay’ for children and young people from 7 to 22 years old.

The courses available are: basic and intermediate guitar, singing, ballet and contemporary dance, artistic drawing, painting, audio, photography and video, folk dance, theater, communication and public speaking.

Registration is open at the Culture and Tourism address, Rocafuerte and Lalama streets, you can download the registration form at the following web link https://bit.ly/3TXqJOC.

Those interested in being part of the courses can register from April 15 to 19.

Cultural activities provide benefits in the development of children, feeding their identity and personality as well.

When children are surrounded by culture, they become empathetic, tolerant and creative. They learn to understand the differences between people as something perfectly natural, as a right of human beings to be different, to be who they are, to understand where they come from and define where they are going.

Children who grow up participating in cultural activities acquire greater knowledge, develop critical thinking, improve their communication skills and learn to appreciate small details, as they understand that they are an important part of a great whole. (RMC)

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