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Nairo Quintana’s father talks about the possible retirement of the cyclist

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The speculations about the retirement of the cyclist Nairo Quintana they remain in front of the clues that have been given by analysts on the subject, in addition, the athlete announced a press conference next Wednesday in which several versions of the announcements he will make are maintained.

Faced with the possibility of the boyacense’s retirement, fans of the athlete’s career have expressed their sadness at the possible exit from the great competitions that have given a series of triumphs and joys to Colombians.

Due to the speculation that surrounds various spheres, the cyclist’s father, Luis Quintana, spoke to the media about the future for the cyclist and his son’s wishes for his professional career.

In an interview for Caracol Radio, the father of ‘Nairoman’ gave an assessment of the current situation of the cyclist, informing that apart from his career as an athlete, he also has other pending commitments.

“It is the moment in which Nairo should rest. He has his business and commitments. He has already pleased Colombians and it would be good for me if he devoted himself to his wife, children and family,” said the athlete’s father.

Regarding the possible retirement of Quintana, the father reported that he has no information on said speculations since he had not communicated with his son for several days, so he pointed out that he would also be finding out about said information through the media.

To date Nairo Quintana has not found a team to sign him for the cycling season that is already beginning in Europe, it is rumored that the teams from the old continent would be reluctant to hire the cyclist after his recent scandal over the use of tramadol on the Tour from France, which would be one of the reasons why other teams do not seek their participation.

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