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National legislative, CENI invalidates 82 candidates

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National legislative, CENI invalidates 82 candidates

This is a real blow for these invalidated candidates. Some have gone through their X accounts to denounce what they describe as injustice on the part of the electoral center. But the wine is drawn, it must be drunk, they say. Moreover, this decision of the CENI is well appreciated by some Congolese who denounced at the time the corruption and fraud which characterized these elections.

Of the 82 invalidated, 3 candidates are ministers in office:

1. Didier Manzenga Minister of Tourism

2 Manuanina. Nana (teacher) Minister to the President of the Republic

3. Antoinette Kipulu Minister of Vocational Training.

Two invalids are administrators:

1. Nsingi Pululu member of the board of directors at SNel

2. Kin Kiey PCA à la RVA.

Six invalidated candidates are senators:

1. Dark Evil

2. Evariste Boshab (teacher)

3. Victorine Lwese

4 . Mona Lux -ML

5. John of God MOLEKA

6. Adou Lianza

An invalidated candidate is Provincial Minister of Kinshasa:

This is Charles Mbuta Muntu, provincial minister of education (Kinshasa)

Four invalidated candidates are Governors

1 . Gentiny Ngobila : Governor of Kinshasa

2. Bobo Boloko: Ecuadorian government

3. Pancras Boongo: Tshuapa Government

4. Cesar Limbaya: Government of Mongala

Two invalidated candidates are national deputies:

1. Sam Bokolombe (teacher)

2. Colette Tshomba (deputy rapporteur of the office)

An invalidated candidate is Honorary Minister:

Justin Kalumba (former Minister of Transport)

Finally, Noël Botakile is an honorary deputy

Since almost all those disabled are from the sacred union which supported the candidacy of Felix Tshisekedi for the presidential election, some observers are calling for everything to be canceled. That would be logical.

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