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National Park will set up a ticket reservation system to reasonably determine the capacity of visitors

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The national park will set up a ticket reservation system to reasonably determine the visitor capacityFly into the homes of ordinary people

CCTV, Beijing, October 25 (Reporter Song Xue) Recently, China’s first batch of five national parks-Sanjiangyuan National Park, Giant Panda National Park, Siberian Tiger and Leopard National Park, Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park, Wuyishan National Park The park was officially established, with a protected area of ​​230,000 square kilometers, covering nearly 30% of the national key protected wildlife species in China’s land area. The reporter was informed that the National Park will establish a ticket reservation system. In principle, public welfare projects may be free.

After the establishment of the first batch of national parks in China, the public paid special attention to the issue of whether the national parks are open to the public. A few days ago, at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office, Li Chunliang, deputy director of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, and Tang Xiaoping, president of the National Park Research Institute, responded.

Tang Xiaoping, director of the National Park Research Institute, said that national parks are also people’s parks. Adhering to the national public welfare is one of the important concepts of national parks. National parks with green mountains, green waters and fresh air should be the best. Ecological products, which are also the most beautiful nature classrooms, and the most attractive ecological experience resorts, must be open to the public.

Tang Xiaoping introduced that according to the current plan, national parks are divided into core protection areas and general control areas for management and control. In principle, the core protection area is only open to scientific research, investigation, monitoring and other activities. The general control area will be opened to tourists and the public in a certain range to meet the public’s requirements for access to nature and close to nature, and encourage the establishment of natural education bases and science popularization. Bases and field observation points mainly carry out nature education, nature recreation and ecological experience activities.

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Tang Xiaoping also emphasized that there is a difference between tourism activities in national parks and mass tourism. In the future, national parks will implement a model of separating management and management rights, and franchise operations will be adopted for business activities other than public welfare activities. . The national park will determine the annual or daily number of visitors based on the environmental capacity, establish a ticket reservation system, and scientifically calculate the entire operating cost to reflect the attributes of public welfare. “In principle, public welfare projects may be free. Operating projects implement a franchise model. Costs are calculated according to the characteristics of each project and charges are low. The main purpose is to strictly control the prices of operating services, and the main purpose is to allow the public to enter National parks, you can feel the beauty of nature and promote the beauty of national parks.” Tang Xiaoping said.

Li Chunliang, deputy director of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, also emphasized that national parks cannot be built into uninhabited areas, nor are they isolated areas, nor are they artificially restricted areas. What we have to do is to properly handle the relationship between protection and development, create a scene of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and complement ecological protection with ecological recreation and ecological experience. One of the goals of national parks is to enable the broad masses of people to enjoy the country’s most beautiful and high-quality ecological products through the construction of national parks.

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