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New cameras in the center on the Boscon and on the Provincial 1

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The local police are working on the 2021 plan to enhance video surveillance. The devices in Piazza delle Erbe will be changed and the license plate laws installed at the gates

BELLUNO. More powerful cameras, capable of collect sharp images even during the night, and license plate reads at the exit of the city to intercept suspicious vehicles. Also this year the Municipality will participate in the regional tender which provides resources for the security of the territory.

The local police are finalizing the details of the 2021 plan to upgrade the video surveillance system: among the priorities there are the installation of license plate cameras on the highway 50, on the border between Belluno and Sedico, and along the Sp1, because the exit towards Ponte nelle Alpi is manned by electronic eyes only up to the roundabout outside the Col Cavalier tunnel. But there are also plans to replace the cameras in Piazza delle Erbe, which were mounted a few years ago, with latest generation devices, which allow better shooting even in low light conditions.

“The regional announcement usually comes out between May and June,” he saidand the commander of the Local Police, Roberto Rossetti. «Our video surveillance system is functional but needs some improvements. We must also cover some entry / exit gates from the municipality that are not currently under video surveillance“. This is the case of the Boscon area, on the border with Sedico, but also of the Sp1 towards Ponte nelle Alpi. “These are two points we would like to cover,” continues Rossetti. “In the historic center, however, we would like to replace some older cameras with latest generation models”.

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The resources obtained last year made it possible to finance the replacement of the cameras in piazza Piloni and piazzale Marconi. The work will be carried out this year, because the Covid pandemic has also slowed the work of the companies that deal with these devices.

It will also be mounted too a video camera in via Sottocastello, in the area of ​​the gardens under Palazzo Rosso, which in the past was subject to vandalism. “In this way we will increase the shooting points in an area that was not very covered”, continues Rossetti. Also with the resources obtained in 2020, a camera will also be installed on the back of the sports hall, to monitor the parking.

It is more complex to extend video surveillance in the hamlets, also because “it must be installed where it is actually necessary, finding a balance between the needs of controlling the territory and protecting the privacy of people”, warns the commander of the municipal police of the capital. “Video surveillance must not become too invasive, and for this reason too there is the direction of the public order and safety committee on the installation of these devices”.

The cameras, then, “are not the panacea for all ills»Concludes Captain Rossetti. “They must be placed where it is necessary, also on the basis of the criminal acts that occur in a specific area”.

In Belluno the whole area of ​​the historic center is well covered, and there are the license plate laws on numerous entry and exit gates from the municipality. –

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