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New job vacancies opened in Valledupar: salaries of $1,160,000 and up

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New job vacancies opened in Valledupar: salaries of $1,160,000 and up

Important companies from different sectors in Valledupar have opened job vacancies so that people can apply and obtain the ‘position’, so if you meet the requirements, click on the link and send your resume.

The company Aprehsi Ltda, requests a administrative nursing assistant who has 1 year of experience in the admission and administrative area, adequate management of office tools and excellent personal presentation.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/pxofm

The Confidential financial sector company requests professionals in this area. Must be a person with great business attitude and interaction skills, communication and customer service. The selected candidates will be trained in the product and in commercial strategies (Paid training and with a contract. The company assured that it is not necessary to have experience.

The salary is $1.160.000plus transportation assistance ($265,000) and legal benefits.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/6xhdj

On the other hand, a citizen look for a babysitter that can take care and ensure the safety of your daughter part time. She “She is an affectionate, hyperactive and very friendly girl.”

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/b25ed

The company Siete24 Ltda is looking for a security guard with 1 year of experience. As a requirement, the company only asks that the person be a bachelor, that they have their military situation defined and that they have the updated surveillance course.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/isav4

On the other hand, Asispro requires a social worker Able to plan, coordinate and implement help packages for company users and their families. In addition, another of its functions will be to interview service users and assess their current status, needs, strengths and weaknesses.
For more information see here: https://n9.cl/bac8j

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Farmatodo Colombia SA, requires a professional graduated in Pharmacy, Administration, Accounting or Marketing or related career, with at least 4 years of experience in tasks similar to managing a store, to work as a manager. The person must have extensive administrative knowledge and data analysis tools; Windows management; leadership; assertiveness; decision-making capacity; judgment, and other skills. employment is $2,400,000 per month.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/ecro9

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