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New Stage Reached: Beijing’s ‘Turnkey’ Schools in Xiong’an New District Prepare for September Opening

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High-quality development research trip | Three “turnkey” schools in Xiong’an New District have entered a new stage

Xiong’an New District, a high-profile development zone located in Hebei Province, China, is making significant progress in its education infrastructure. Three schools, namely Xiong’an Beihai Kindergarten, Xiong’an Shijia Hutong Primary School, and Beijing No. 4 Middle School Xiong’an Campus, are being constructed in a “turnkey” manner with support from Beijing.

According to Xinhua News Agency, these three schools are scheduled to start their academic year in September. Currently, they are in the final preparation stage, with facilities and equipment undergoing final inspections to ensure they meet the highest standards.

A visit to Xiong’an Beihai Kindergarten on July 11 offered a glimpse into the excellent learning environment that is being created for the students. The classrooms were well-equipped and designed to provide a conducive atmosphere for learning. Similarly, Xiong’an Shijia Hutong Primary School showcased its modern classrooms and spacious playground, featuring state-of-the-art facilities for outdoor activities.

The images captured on July 11 revealed some of the charming aspects of these institutions. Xiong’an Beihai Kindergarten displayed a corner that exuded vibrancy and creativity, while Xiong’an Shijia Hutong Primary School’s playground showcased its breadth and beauty.

The Xiongan Campus of Beijing No. 4 Middle School, located in the start-up area of Xiong’an New Area, also impressed with its imposing structure. A drone photo captured on July 4 provided an aerial view of the campus, highlighting its size and modern architectural design.

The construction of these schools represents a significant investment in the education sector and demonstrates the government’s commitment to providing high-quality educational facilities in Xiong’an New District. The new facilities are expected to accommodate a large number of students and provide them with a top-notch learning environment.

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The establishment of these schools marks a crucial milestone in the development of Xiong’an New District, which aims to become a model area for innovative development and sustainable practices. The inclusion of well-equipped schools is vital to attract families and create a thriving community in the district.

With the start of the academic year just around the corner, students and parents eagerly anticipate the beginning of a new era in education in Xiong’an New District. As the final preparations and inspections are being carried out, it is evident that these schools will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in this rapidly developing region.

Reporters Hao Jianwei and Xing Guangli contributed to this article, providing valuable insight into the progress of these “turnkey” schools in Xiong’an New District.

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