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New York will dispatch the National Guard to the subway after a streak of crimes

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New York will dispatch the National Guard to the subway after a streak of crimes

New York Authorities Deploy National Guard to Help Police Search Bags in Subways

In response to a recent surge in violent crime on New York City’s subway system, Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Wednesday that she will dispatch 750 National Guard troops to assist police in searching passengers’ bags. This move is part of a broader campaign to increase security on the subway and deter potential criminals from carrying weapons on trains.

Governor Hochul emphasized that the deployment of the National Guard is aimed at deterring individuals from bringing guns or knives onto the subway, and ultimately improving public safety. In addition to the National Guard troops, the governor also plans to deploy 250 state troopers and police officers from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to assist in the bag searches.

While overall crime in New York City has decreased since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, incidents of stabbings or shootings on trains continue to leave residents on edge. Just last week, a conductor was grazed in the face with a knife, causing delays on trains. The governor’s decision to deploy additional security forces comes in the wake of growing concerns about safety on the subway.

The New York Police Department has been conducting random bag searches on passengers for some time, but the effectiveness of this method has been called into question, particularly in a transportation system that serves millions of people each day. Governor Hochul’s decision to enlist the help of the National Guard is seen as a proactive step towards enhancing security measures and ensuring the safety of subway passengers.

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With the deployment of the National Guard and increased police presence in the subway system, New York authorities are hopeful that these measures will help reduce crime and create a safer environment for commuters. As the city continues to grapple with ongoing safety concerns, residents are looking to government officials to take swift and decisive action to address these issues.

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