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North Korea unveils new small nuclear warheads

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North Korea unveils new small nuclear warheads

The images were released after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s visit to the Nuclear Weapons Institute, where he on Monday inspected new tactical nuclear weapons and technology for mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles, as well as plans for nuclear counterattack operations.

«[Kim Jong-un] expressed gratitude to the institute for its unremitting efforts to strengthen our nuclear power and make it a reliable force capable of dealing with any nuclear emergency,” writes Rodong Sinmun.

At the same time, the North Korean leader ordered an increase in the production of nuclear materials suitable for weapons in order to improve the country’s nuclear capacity.

In turn, experts point out that the images released indicate progress in the miniaturization of powerful nuclear warheads, which would be small enough to be mounted on intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US, collects Reuters. “It has a little more power in a smaller space. That’s worrying,” said Kune Suh, a professor of nuclear engineering at Seoul National University, comparing the new nuclear warheads to the 2016 version.

For his part, Kim Dong-yup, a former South Korean navy officer who teaches at Kyungnam University, said the new warheads “are not limited to tactical missiles, but appear to be a standardized, lightweight, miniaturized warhead that can be mounted on various vehicles.

US nuclear powered aircraft carrier

Meanwhile, the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Nimitz arrived in the South Korean port city of Busan on Tuesday, Yonhap reports. In this context, South Korea, the US and Japan plan to carry out joint maneuvers next week with the participation of the aforementioned ship, the agency reported, citing US Rear Admiral Christopher Sweeney.

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Lately, the countries have carried out numerous exercises in the region, which Pyongyang has described as preparations for a “war of aggression” against it. with RT

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