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NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt does not accept the invitation of the Dutch informant

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NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt. — © REUTERS

In the Netherlands, NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt will not accept the invitation of informant Ronald Plasterk for a meeting on Wednesday evening. This is what Omtzigt’s party member Eddy van Hijum says.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 4:57 PM

It is clear that the talks have been completed, according to Eddy Van Hijum, who is one of the co-founders of the party. The NSC faction informed its members in an email on Tuesday that the negotiations with PVV, VVD and BBB are over. That led to much surprise among those three parties.

Omtzigt said in a talk show on the RTL channel that he was annoyed by the fact that he only heard this week that there were 21 letters from ministries about their finances. Those letters had been received by the informant at the end of last month. Omtzigt would have liked to see those letters earlier.

The finances are much worse than expected, according to Omtzigt. According to him, the formation is essentially about the treasury because its state makes it clear which plans can and cannot be implemented.

The PVV and BBB in particular have plans that are not financially substantiated. The NSC and VVD want the treasury to remain in order. The VVD has been calling for cuts for some time. According to Van Hijum, the parties will have to go back to the drawing board with their plans.

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