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Ocha’s friendship – EL PAÍS VALLENATO

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Ocha’s friendship – EL PAÍS VALLENATO

Great friends leave only good memories and pleasant teachings. That is what Ocha has left me, unforgettable experiences.

Our first adventures were in 1996, with the fever of recent graduates and wanting to conquer the world with an enormous desire to practice the profession.

We never measure any risk, and we are always willing to find the news. This is how our friendship was born that strengthened over time. I traveled to Bogotá with Ocha for the first time, we went by bus and the entertainment during the trip, covered with the same blanket, was listening to recordings of interviews and the occasional song on a handheld recorder, sharing headphones, one in one ear of her and the other in one of mine.

When I arrived in the capital, despite the cold, at his brother’s house, the warmth of his family enveloped me forever. Next to Taryn Escalona we make up an exceptional trio, sisters united at heart who took turns sharing our houses when we were away from work.

The last time the three of us were together was on January 4th, at my house. She had told me that she didn’t have dinner, but that day she made the exception and I know it was to share with us at the table.

That was Ocha, she always wanted to make us feel good, because our happiness was hers. Now that she is gone, I appeal to those memories to perpetuate her memory, to feed the spirit, find strength and ease the pain of the soul.

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To Ocha, infinite thanks for the legacy you leave behind, for your professionalism, for always extending your arms of solidarity to help those in need, for being a great mother, sister and partner, but above all, thanks for being my friend.

By: Alba Quintero

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