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Out of bounds – International

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Out of bounds – International

“Confused doubts about a torn present” was the title of a comic story published in the number one of the Essential, November 6, 2021. The emergency of the pandemic seemed to be behind us and the author, Michele Rech, aka Zerocalcare, described the rubble he was leaving behind, the social malaise that resulted in a vertical conflict: from top to bottom, from top to bottom.

At a certain point the cork blew up, Zerocalcare said. Particularly in the world of work, where “deregulation has produced the loss of all rights won”. Zerocalcare, which the Guardian has compared to the American writer Hunter S. Thompson, has dealt with violated rights since the beginning of his journey, recounting the 2001 G8 in Genoa, in which he was among the demonstrators.

The violence of the police against the processions, and at the Diaz school and later his comics from the Roman outskirts of Rebibbia have told the difficulties of a precarious generation. Subsequent chronicles of him from Kobane, Syria, gave voice to the hopes of the Kurdish people, making Zerocalcare one of the most important Italian authors of graphic journalism.

Zerocalcare will be in Ferrara on October 2nd, with the writer Djarah Kan. The meeting will be moderated by Claudio Rossi Marcelli of Internazionale.

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