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Payments to the party, based in Rome and training school: this is how the M5s “Conte format” will be

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Get rooted and open up, combine honesty with competence, give yourself a structure, albeit light. These are some of the priorities for the new M5s that the neo-leader in pectore Giuseppe Conte illustrated to the deputies and pentastellated senators in videoconference. The goal is to keep the principles firm but to update the “stars” (the environment, social justice and inclusion, a new economic model), ie the issues to be placed at the center of the Movement. All this also abandoning taboos like that of the party form. An evolution rejected instead by Davide Casaleggio with the accusation to the pentastellated leaders of wanting to dismantle the Rousseau platform and then abandon fundamental ideas such as the ban on the third term.

The bond of the two mandates

Conte has not yet addressed the issue of the limit of the two mandates. But for the M5s he thinks of a new structure, with its first headquarters in the heart of Rome, territorial branches and also a training center: a sort of “Frattocchie” (the school of communist cadres, in the villa at the foot of the Roman Castles) pentastellata. A small revolution. He added that he will not betray direct democracy and that his project will only go ahead if ‘crowned’ by a large majority online vote.


The conflict with Rousseau

Meanwhile, the first practical relapse is the choice, anticipated by the regent Vito Crimi, for which the parliamentarians of the M5s will give a part of their emoluments to the party, as almost all their colleagues do: 1,500 euros to the classic “return to the community” euros directly into the movement’s current account, including the 300 euros that have so far been paid to Davide Casaleggio for the use of the Rousseau platform. It is not yet a legal divorce, but it is almost a de facto divorce. This does not mean abandoning the direct democracy dear to the movement: there will still be an in-house or an external platform, but it will hardly still be Rousseau.

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