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Penalty! Füllkrug brings the DFB team back

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Penalty!  Füllkrug brings the DFB team back
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Von: Patrick Mayer

Star of FC Bayern: Leon Goretzka (middle), here for Germany against Belgium. © IMAGO/Jan Huebner

In the next test for the EM 2024 in their own country, Germany will face Belgium tonight with Kevin De Bruyne. Follow the international match here in the live ticker.

  • Germany 1-2 Belgium
  • Which line-up does Hansi Flick choose?? The DFB team meets the “Red Devils” in the second test for the EM 2024.
  • Follow the international match tonight here in the live ticker.

Germany 1-2 Belgium

Lineup Germany: Ter Stegen – Wolf, Kehrer, Ginter, Raum – Kimmich, Goretzka (33. F. Nmecha) – Gnabry, Wirtz (33. Can) – Füllkrug, Werner
Lineup Belgium: Casteels – Chestnut, Faes, Vertonghen, Theate – A. Onana, De Bruyne, Mangala – Lukebakio, R. Lukaku, Carrasco
Tore: 0: 1 Carrasco (6th), 0: 2 Lukaku (9th), 1: 2 filling jug (44th / hand penalty)

45 minutes + 1: Break in Cologne! The DFB team goes into the dressing room with a deficit.

44 minutes: Goooooorrrrr!!! Germany – Belgium 1:2, scorer: filling jug. “Gap” makes the booth. The centre-forward, hugely popular with many fans for being so real, takes the ball. The goalscorer thoughtfully placed the ball from eleven meters into the lower left corner. That’s self-confidence!

43 minutes: Penalty for Germany. After a corner kick, Füllkrug beheads Lukaku’s arm. The Belgian striker prevented a clear goal chance.

41 minutes. Now an attack. Werner comes over the left, goes one-on-one. But the Swabian put his shot two meters from the left post.

40 minutes: Germany is now at least a little more stable. Can takes on three duels and sets an example. Nevertheless, the team still seems unsettled.

36 minutes: Dortmund’s Can brings more aggressiveness into the German game. That’s what he’s known for. But more resistance can’t hurt the DFB team either. It’s very poor so far…

Substituted injured against Belgium: Bayern's Leon Goretzka (middle below).
Substituted injured against Belgium: Bayern’s Leon Goretzka (middle below). © IMAGO/Jan Huebner

Germany against Belgium in the live ticker: Bayern’s Goretzka has to get out injured

33 minutes: Germany make a double change: Leon Goretzka can’t go on. The Bayern star has to leave the field injured. The Wolfsburg Felix Nmecha comes into the game for him. Emre Can also replaces Florian Wirtz, who was not to be seen not far from his home in Pulheim.

29 minutes: In Munich they wince! Apparently Goretzka sits down injured. In a running duel, the midfield strategist apparently stretched his foot. He’s holding his ankle and is obviously in pain.

26 minutes: Lukaku simply pushes Kehrer aside. Chip ball on De Bruyne in the box – but the ManCity star is offside. Only one team plays here in Cologne. Disappointing!

24 minutes: Belgium presses incessantly. It’s almost like a power play. Weak performance of the German team up to here, very weak.

Germany vs Belgium in the live ticker: huge chances for the “Red Devils”

21 minutes. Huge chance for Belgium! Yet again! My dear, what’s going on with the German defense? fowl! A header from Lukaku smacks against the crossbar after a corner. Chance after chance for the “Red Devils”, who play completely unleashed.

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19 minutes: Huge chance for Belgium! After a corner kick for Germany, Lukaku clears his own sixteen. With the next ball, Lukebakio is sent on his way to the goal. The Berliner shakes off the wolf and space with his explosiveness. Again the Germans stand very high. Lukebakio goes one-on-one against Ter Stegen, pushing the ball inches wide of the right post.

15 minutes: The chance for Germany! Füllkrug claims the ball in the box and plays on Gnabry. But the Swabian does not come to an end. Then he tears his new hairdo.

14 minutes: The Belgians are doing what they want with the DFB team. Germany’s team looks visibly unsettled after the early setback. Again and again Carrasco goes offensive on the left in a one-on-one against the Dortmunder Wolf. The BVB player does not make a stable impression yet.

Germany vs Belgium in the live ticker: Early setback for the DFB team in Cologne

9 minutes: Goal! Germany 0-2 Belgium, goalscorer: Lukaku. Uiuiuiuiuiui … the DFB team is caught really cold in the early stages. Again, the back four is high on the center line, again the German defensive is overwhelmed at express speed. And again it is De Bruyne’s crucial pass through the interface. This time the ball comes well tempered to Lukaku, who looks out for Ter Stegen and completes it confidently.

6 minutes: Goal! Germany 0-1 Belgium, goalscorer: Carrasco. Early backlog! But the reverse movement doesn’t really work either. The Belgians hit a long ball. Lukaku blocks in the middle. De Bruyne can pull up and push through the alley. Wolf wants to confront Carrasco, but rushes in too quickly. The Belgian hits a hook and deliberately puts the ball in.

6 minutes: Dangerous back pass to Ter Stegen, who uncompromisingly hits the ball forward. The Belgians are slowly but surely increasing their pressure. On the other side, Gnabry places the ball well next to the right post.

4 minutes: Wolf with a sharp cross from the right in front of the box. Belgium can defend. The DFB team starts the game with a lot of steam.

2 minutes: First counterattack by the German team after winning the ball. It gets loud in the arena.

1st minute: It starts in Cologne with the international match!

Update from March 28, 8:35 p.m.: Beware of Romelu Lukaku! The massive center forward (1.91 meters) from Inter Milan is in top form. The man who is often associated with FC Bayern scored all the goals in the 3-0 start of the European Championship qualifier in Sweden. Can the German team stop his physical attacking game?

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Germany vs Belgium in the live ticker: Flick justifies the decision for Goretzka

Update from March 28, 8:25 p.m.: National coach Hansi Flick is at the microphone on RTL. “We didn’t allow any scoring chances against Peru. The value of the goals to be expected was zero,” explains the Badener and demands for the Belgium game, “that we stand there during midfield pressing and wait for the right moment to trigger, to attack the opponent”.

Regarding the line-up, he says: “Nico Schlotterbeck had a bit of a problem, so we switched from one to one.” Why does Leon Goretzka start with Joshua Kimmich in defensive midfield instead of Emre Can? “The two know each other, have been playing together for a long time,” he says: “Leon is making his fiftieth international match today, so he has a magical mark. That is something special for every player.”

Update from March 28, 8:05 p.m.: In Belgium, striker Dodi Lukebakio (Hertha BSC) and goalkeeper Koen Casteels (VfL Wolfsburg) have two Bundesliga players in the starting XI. In addition, the two superstars Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan) and Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) will start.

Germany against Belgium in the live ticker: Flick brings Gnabry and Goretzka

Update from March 28, 7:30 p.m .: The German team’s line-up for the game against Belgium is here. The two Bayern stars Goretzka and Gnabry move into the starting XI, replacing Dortmund’s Can and London’s Havertz. In addition, Kehrer moves into the DFB central defense for the ailing BVB defender Schlotterbeck. Goretzka forms the well-known double six of FC Bayern with Kimmich. Bundesliga striker Füllkrug and Leipzig’s Werner storm side by side again.

Lineup Germany: Ter Stegen – Wolf, Kehrer, Ginter, Raum – Kimmich, Goretzka – Gnabry, Wirtz – Füllkrug, Werner

Germany vs. Belgium in the live ticker: Is Niclas Füllkrug one for Bayern?

Update from March 28, 6:55 p.m.: He is the goal guarantor in the DFB team and for Werder Bremen: Niclas Füllkrug. “Gap”, as he is called because of his prominent gap in his teeth, leads the top scorer list in the Bundesliga with 15 goals. The 30-year-old also scored five goals in five international matches for Germany.

Would the Lower Saxony also be one for FC Bayern? After his very good performances at the 2022 World Cup, the center forward has already been associated with Munich. Now it is speculated Joshua Kimmich wanted a filling jug for Bayern guide. Tonight “Fullness”, alternatively called “Gap”, can prove itself against Belgium.

Once at Bayern: national coach Hansi Flick.
Once at Bayern: national coach Hansi Flick. © IMAGO / Sport photo pack

Update from March 28, 6:35 p.m.: Concerns at the DFB and the national team. Rudi Völler had to go to the hospital this Monday evening. The new sports director will not be able to follow the international match against Belgium in the stadium. The backgrounds.

Germany vs. Belgium in the live ticker: the DFB team is set for the 2024 European Championship

Update from March 28, 6:10 p.m.: Why is the DFB team not participating in the European Championship qualifiers and instead “only” playing friendlies this year? Quite simply: because Germany will host the EM 2024. Between June 14 and July 14, 2024, the European Championship will take place in Germany.

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The opening game will take place in Munich’s Allianz Arena, which will then be called “Munich Football Stadium” due to Uefa advertising regulations. The Olympic Stadium in Berlin is the venue for the European Championship final. In addition to the two metropolises, Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen will be venues for the tournament.

Germany against Belgium in the live ticker: Second test for the EM 2024 in your own country

First report from March 28th: Munich/Cologne – Do you know who they are against? German national football team in the 1980 European Championship final won by Rome? Italy? no! Spain? No! France? No! England? No! It was Belgium! At that time, the “Red Devils” around the then goalkeeper of the FC BayernJean-Marie Pfaff, a real top nation.

In the end it was 2-1 for the DFB team in the Italian capital, sealed by a brace from striker Horst Hrubesch. Even today, the eternal secret favorite Belgium would like to be a top nation, but at the Winter World Cup in 2022 Qatar did not go beyond the preliminary round.

Which formation does Hansi Flick choose? DFB team meets “Red Devils” in second test for EM 2024

As is well known, the same applied to them DFB-Elf, just the second test match for tonight against the Belgians in Cologne EM 2024 in your own country pending. On Saturday, the squad of national coach Hansi Flick defeated Peru 2-0 (2-0) with a double strike (12th minute/33rd) from center forward Niclas Füllkrug (Werder Bremen).

It was a game in which Munich’s Leon Goretzka only got involved in the second half. If it goes according to the expected list of the specialist magazine Kicker, the FCB midfield strategist will initially only have a place on the bench in the Cologne Arena.

In the video: That’s what the DFB stars say about the start of the international match

Outside attacker Serge Gnabry would therefore be in the starting XI. Peru double goalscorer Füllkrug could again form a double lead with Leipzig’s Timo Werner. Fed by a right-back Marius Wolf (Borussia Dortmund)?

The BVB player had confirmed his strong form from the Bundesliga against the South Americans and prepared a goal for Fulkrug. Flick’s line-up can be eagerly awaited.

Follow that Germany vs Belgium international tonight from 8.45 p.m. here in the live ticker. (pm)

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