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Petro after excesses in Tuluá

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Petro after excesses in Tuluá

Every day the situation in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca becomes more tense. On February 10, there was a night of terror with the burning of vehicles, the death of a traffic guard and another seriously injured, and outrages that did not stop generating fear and anxiety in the inhabitants.

For this reason, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, referred to the public order situation, indicating that he will not allow himself to be ‘blackmailed’ by the actions of the criminal gangs that operate in Tuluá.

«The immaculate band has challenged society. Their bosses are in prison. We do not accept blackmail », she said through X.

In that sense, the excesses and the different acts of public order worsened when the National Police captured Mauricio Marín Silva, alias Nacho, head of the criminal group ‘La Inmaculada’, also known as ‘The Office’.

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In addition, there was a threatening pamphlet that was spread around the city and that it came from the band ‘La Inmaculada’. Upon learning of the situation, the authorities declared a curfew at around 11 pm on Saturday, February 10.

Likewise, the Third Brigade and the governor of Valle, Dilian Francisca Toro, decided to militarize the municipality with the presence of more than 160 soldiers.

Therefore, given the situation of fear and chaos, today, February 11, a security council is held with the presence of the Director of the Police, General William René Salamanca in order to take measures and guarantee the safety of more than 200 thousand inhabitants of the municipality.

For his part, the mayor of Tuluá, Gustavo Vélez, condemned this situation and assured that those responsible will be found.

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“I condemn and deeply regret the assassination attacks against Tuluá traffic agents Jonny A. Castaño and César Hernández. I ask the authorities to investigate these events to find those responsible and offer clarity to the people of Tulueño,” said the mayor.

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