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Pigeon that was dyed for baby shower was rescued

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Pigeon that was dyed for baby shower was rescued

This pigeon shows advanced signs of malnutrition and has difficulty flying.

The bird was rescued in a well-known square in Manhattan, United States. According to the Wild Bird Fund, this animal would have been used in a gender reveal party and later abandoned.

The pigeon that had been dyed pink was found malnourished and having difficulty flying in Madison Square Park, where a man found it and moved it to the shelter.

Once attended by the veterinarians, they sent a message through social networks: “Doves come in many different colors and plumage, but pink is not one of them,” they pointed out.

They added that the bird was domestic and was used for a gender reveal and subsequently abandoned, making it difficult for it to survive as it is “unable to find food in the wild, fly well, or escape predators,” they concluded.

Faced with the diagnosis, the rescuers had to bathe the pigeon several times, since the color was very attached to its body “we think it is hair dye.” Being a chemical substance, veterinarians believe that the smell could have weakened the bird and it could even have ingested this product when trying to groom itself: “It is weak and is struggling not to vomit its food,” lamented the organization.

The organization insisted that domestic pigeons should not be released into the wild because they have no survival instinct. Nor should they be used in celebrations, much less dye their feathers.

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