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Plans continue to strengthen the economy of Risaralda

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Plans continue to strengthen the economy of Risaralda

The Risaralda Emprende network in alliance with the Risaralda Government has launched a comprehensive project aimed at impacting the promotion of the productive apparatus of the 14 municipalities in the region. In a meeting led by the Governor and the technical secretary of the Departmental Entrepreneurship Network, Natalia Henao, the network’s action plan was presented, whose main objective is to strengthen the entrepreneurial environment and position Risaralda as a proactive leader in the business field.

Four entrepreneurship routes have been outlined: the ICT 4.0 or technological route, the green business route, the cultural entrepreneurship route and the popular economy route. In addition, the incorporation of two additional routes is planned to comprehensively address the productive panorama of the department and benefit all entrepreneurs.

Natalia Henao, technical secretary of the Departmental Entrepreneurship Network, has highlighted the importance of this action plan, emphasizing that “by working collaboratively and coordinated with all entities, we can strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem and consolidate Risaralda as an entrepreneurial region.” .

At the same time, in a meeting held in Pereira with the 4 directors of Fenalco Caldas, Quindío, Tolima and Risaralda and the RAP Eje Cafetero team, the alliance of the departments was announced to implement strategic initiatives that will benefit both producers and merchants. During the meeting, it was agreed to carry out joint training programs, promote the Coffee Axis as a top-level tourist destination, and increase the focus on the promotion and support for the production of high-quality specialty coffees.

Humberto Tobón, RAP Eje Cafetero Manager stated: «This alliance with Fenalco marks a significant step towards achieving RAP Eje Cafetero’s mission of promoting regional development. By working together, we can expand the impact of our initiatives and create a more prosperous future for all residents in this area of ​​the country.”

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For his part, Sebastián Restrepo, executive director of Fenalco Risaralda, highlighted: “If we achieve articulations and make joint efforts for our members and our merchants we could really obtain a greater impact in what has to do with holding fairs. of value connections and strategies that allow purchases to be articulated between the same departments.”


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