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“Positive youth and no “drug” behavior”——Daciyan Town organizes “6.26” International Anti-Drug Day to promote campus activities- China Daily

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In order to further popularize anti-drug publicity and education, let the majority of young people recognize the dangers of drugs, and improve their ability to consciously resist the invasion of drugs, a few days ago, on the occasion of the 36th “6.26” International Anti-drug Day The Daciyan Police Station carried out the publicity and education campaign of “being youthful and not poisonous” in Daciyan Town Junior Middle School.

The event invited Xu Hang, a policeman from the Daciyan Police Station, to give lectures on anti-drug knowledge to the teachers and students of Daciyan Junior Middle School in a combination of online and offline forms.

During the event, the staff and grid staff from the Township Comprehensive Management Office, Township Anti-drug Office, Township Judicial Office, Women’s Federation distributed anti-drug brochures to the students, organized students to watch the simulated drug models in an orderly manner, and patiently explained to the students Drug identification methods and skills.

Subsequently, Xu Hang, a policeman, explained the knowledge about drugs and drug control in detail from three aspects: “the origin of the anti-drug day”, to “what is a drug”, and then to “understanding the dangers of drugs”, combined with real cases , so that the students have an in-depth understanding of the daily knowledge about drug awareness, anti-drug, and drug resistance, and let the students understand the irreversible harm that drugs bring to individuals, families, and society.

This activity allowed teachers and students to understand the basic knowledge of drugs, strengthened the safety awareness of drug prevention and resistance among young people in the jurisdiction, and inspired students to actively participate in the people’s war against drugs and consciously stay away from drugs. The students expressed that they should use what they have learned this time to mobilize family members and friends to establish anti-drug awareness, and mobilize everyone to actively participate in anti-drug actions. The students said that they must cherish life in the future, stay away from drugs, and consciously know, prevent and resist drugs. (Photo courtesy of Shen Yanan)

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[Responsible editor: Cai Donghai]

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