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Pre-Holiday Safety Inspections: Ensuring a Secure Festival Season in Guyuan City

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Guyuan City Administration Bureau Conducts Safety Production Inspections Ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holidays

The “Mid-Autumn Festival” and “National Day” holidays are quickly approaching, and in preparation for these festive occasions, the Guyuan City Administration Bureau has carried out safety production inspections. The goal of these inspections is to strengthen the defense line of safety production during the holidays, prevent accidents, and ensure a peaceful and safe festival environment.

From September 25th to 26th, the Municipal Administration Bureau embarked on thorough safety production inspections. The inspection team visited various locations including the administrative center, energy efficiency improvement project construction site, Minsheng Building, conference center, agency canteen, and conference center power distribution room. By combining data review and on-site inspections, the team focused on assessing the main responsibility of corporate safety, implementation of safety production measures, safety education and training, and identification and rectification of hidden dangers.

During the inspections, the inspectors took a close look at the implementation of safety production rules and regulations, maintenance of fire protection facilities, and daily hidden danger inspections and management at each site. The problems and hidden dangers detected on-site were thoroughly reviewed, and rectification opinions were provided. Rectification was required within a specified time limit, and strict closed-loop management was demanded.

The inspection team emphasized the importance of property service units fulfilling their main responsibilities for safety production. They urged these units to prioritize existing safety hazards, maintain key positions on duty, and strictly enforce 24-hour double duty at three micro fire stations in the Administrative Center, Minsheng Building, and Conference Center. Additionally, specific safety production measures should be established and implemented, and employee safety education and training should be strengthened.

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The team further emphasized the need for strict adherence to safety precautions and comprehensive maintenance and inspection of equipment and facilities. Any identified hidden dangers should be met with specific rectification measures, defined time limits, and assigned responsible parties. It is crucial that rectifications are carried out on time and as required, in order to address potential risks and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

With the “Mid-Autumn Festival” and “National Day” holidays just around the corner, the Guyuan City Administration Bureau’s safety production inspections serve as a reminder to never let up on safety during the festivities. By proactively identifying and rectifying potential dangers, the bureau aims to ensure a secure and enjoyable holiday experience for all.

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