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Proclamation lit up the festivities in the “Ecological Garden of the Amazon” – DIARIO CRONICA

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Proclamation lit up the festivities in the “Ecological Garden of the Amazon” – DIARIO CRONICA

The festivities began in the canton.

Sentinel of the Cóndor, also known as the “Ecological Garden of the Amazon”, on Friday, March 15, began the festivities—to celebrate its 29 years of cantonization—with the traditional proclamation and parade of floats.

The streets of the city of Zumbi were filled with color with the presence of floats that brought with them tourist and cultural messages, and highlighted the beauty of its queens.

Mayor Segundo Sarango Masache mentioned that the cultural and social agenda included the election and coronation event of the queens of Interculturality, starting at 8:00 p.m. on the same day, at the Sports Coliseum.

On Saturday, March 16, from 10:00 a.m., there will be motocross; afternoon expotuning; and, later, the youth night with the presentation of artists and a modern dance contest among those present.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, March 17, the Fair for the Promotion and Promotion of Cantonal Economic Development Processes will be held, where they will carry out the exhibition of cattle, agricultural products and traditional gastronomy; At the same time, the artists Jenny Rosero and Rossy Jolín will liven up the event with their melodies.

The main holiday day is Thursday, March 21; day that will begin with the civic-student parade with the participation of educational entities and units; 12h00, solemn session; and, at 8:00 p.m., fraternity dance.

Tourist sites

The mayor noted that his canton constitutes—for Zamora Chinchipe, the Amazon region and the country—an inexhaustible heritage of natural and tourist wonders, many of them not yet known; Therefore, those who visit them for the festivities can also delight in their attractions.

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The cultural resources of a town are of great historical value, which is why the “Ecological Garden of the Amazon” has two ethnic groups such as: Shuar and Saraguro.

In addition, within the natural resources it preserves countless natural attractions: Las Lianas waterfall, La Yamala waterfall, La Bulliciosa waterfall, Gallito de Peña waterfall, Tuntiak lagoon, Mirador Isla del Sol and several inns, which offer traditional dishes.


In another area, municipalities continue to suffer from a lack of allocations and the Centinela del Cóndor canton is no exception; This jurisdiction is owed around USD 400 thousand for the months of December, January, February and March on the way. “We hope that in these days the resources will be paid to continue executing the planned works,” said the mayor. (YO)

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