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Provincial gas tender: three warranties

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The prosecutor investigated the mayor of Feltre, the administrator and the director of Bim Infrastructure


Gas tender in Belluno: guarantee notice for the mayor of Feltre Paolo Perenzin and two administrators of Bim Infrastructure, the president Bruno Zanolla and the technical director Giovanni Piccoli.

The hypothesis of a crime challenged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is an auction disturbance. The chief prosecutor Paolo Luca closed the investigations carried out in the field by the Guardia di Finanza, with the Economic and Financial Police Unit. In the course of the investigations, it emerged that the suspects had exerted direct and indirect pressure on a manager of the Municipality of Belluno, in her capacity as sole head of the procedure, to convince her to cancel or revoke the 2017 tender in self-defense for an amount based on an auction of more than 90 million euros, despite the fact that the procedural process had already started towards the assignment phase and the administrators of the outgoing manager, who did not participate in the tender, had no right to ask for it.

The manager’s resistance would have led Bim’s top management to ask for the intercession of leading figures in national politics, in order to have a specific provision, functional to the appeals pending in the administrative jurisdiction bodies, thus making the cancellation of the tender inevitable.

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