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Railway passenger car inspectors and apprentices work together to protect the safety of Spring Festival-Enterprise-China Engineering Network

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Railway Passenger Car Team Works Together to Ensure Spring Festival Safety

As the 40-day Spring Festival Transport in 2024 approaches, railway passenger car inspectors are diligently working to ensure the safety and reliability of the transportation system. The workers, specifically situated at the Zhoukou operation workshop of the Wuchang passenger train depot of the China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Corporation, are committed to protecting passengers as they head to reunite with their families during the holiday season.

One of the senior masters leading the team at the workshop is Li Gencai, who is set to retire soon after participating in his 41st Spring Festival Transport. Li has been dedicated to the maintenance of undercarriage and braking systems for decades, and has earned recognition as an outstanding advanced worker and party member. As a mentor to young apprentice Luo Kailin, Li is eager to pass on his knowledge and expertise to ensure the continued safety and quality of the buses they maintain.

Kailin, born in 1997, is a talented young worker who has already established himself as an indispensable member of the team. His dedication to learning and practicing basic bus maintenance skills has not gone unnoticed, and he has excelled in various competitions, including the 2023 Wuhan Bureau Group Company Vehicle Technology Competition.

Despite the age gap, Li and Kailin share a deep commitment to ensuring a safe, comfortable, and efficient travel experience for passengers. As they face the challenges presented by continuous snowfall and intensified operations during the Spring Festival rush, the mentor and apprentice pair work tirelessly to conduct technical inspections and repairs on each incoming train. Their dedication is evident as they meticulously check every detail, from door flap levers to braking systems, to eliminate safety risks and ensure the buses are in optimal condition.

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As the Spring Festival Transport continues, the bond between Li and Kailin grows stronger, symbolizing the passing of the torch from one generation to the next. While Li prepares to retire and reflect on his years of service, Kailin embraces the responsibility and dedication necessary to carry on the legacy of ensuring the safety and quality of the buses. Together, they exemplify the dedication and commitment of railway workers to protect passengers during their journeys home.

The story of Li Gencai and Luo Kailin serves as a powerful reminder of the important role railway workers play during the Spring Festival Transport. Their dedication and perseverance in the face of challenges demonstrate the ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and security of passengers, embodying the spirit of the railway transportation system.

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