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Recovery Plan, so the 500 professionals will be hired to manage the funds

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The Mef has played in advance on Brussels and, even before the official communication of the European Commission of the arrival of the first check for 24.9 billion of the funds of the PNRR, it had announced the start of the procedure for the recruitment of 500 professionals destined for the structures monitoring and reporting of funds. To underline, the fact that the recruitment office starts from the Mef was then the other announcement arrived from the financial administration and in particular from the Revenue Agency with the publication of the hiring announcements of 2,420 operational units between officials and managers to strengthen the fight against tax evasion and services to businesses and citizens.

The announcement has already been published in the Official Gazette. The 500 professionals to be hired on a fixed-term basis will have to implement the announced system of institutional coordination, management, implementation, monitoring and control of the NRP.


The recruitment initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and by the Department of Public Administration-Ripam Commission, provides in detail the hiring of 198 units with an economic profile; 125 legal units; 73 assigned to statistical-mathematical analyzes; 104 between computer scientists, engineers and management engineers. All hires will be on a fixed-term basis for a period of more than 36 months, but they will never be able to go beyond the duration of completion of the Pnrr and in any case no later than 31 December 2026.

Applications must be sent exclusively electronically, by 2 pm on 20 September 2021, using the Step-One 2019 system, made available by Formez Pa. The competition, it must be remembered, will be the first real test for simplified procedures. of recruitment and will be articulated on three levels. A selective written test, distinct for the competition codes, which will take place exclusively with the use of IT tools and digital platforms, even in decentralized locations and also with multiple consecutive non-contextual sessions, ensuring the transparency and homogeneity of the tests. There will then be the evaluation of the qualifications, also this separate for the competition codes and it will be possible only with the completion of the written test, with exclusive reference to the candidates who are suitable for the test and on the basis of the declarations of the same, made in the application. participation, and the documentation produced.

Then there were also the calls for recruitment to strengthen the staff of the Revenue. The general manager Ernesto Maria Ruffini signed the provisions for the launch of two public selections for the permanent hiring of 100 and 2,320 officials respectively to be placed in the third functional area, salary bracket F1. Of these 370 will be allocated to the Central Structures (20 for management control activities, 10 for activities related to data protection, 70 for legal activities, 220 for tax activities and 50 for international taxation activities) and the remaining 1950 will go to reinforce staff of the Regional Departments for administrative tax activities. Applications must be sent by next September.

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