Home News Renzi: “Thank goodness Draghi is here now, he has changed Italy and the EU is changing. We saved the town from the embrace of the grillini “

Renzi: “Thank goodness Draghi is here now, he has changed Italy and the EU is changing. We saved the town from the embrace of the grillini “

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“With the crisis we have saved Italy and paradoxically we have also saved the Democratic Party from an embrace with the M5s that would have crushed it. The Democratic Party has saved the soul ». Matteo Renzi said this in his speech at the Italia Viva assembly. “I say this to the nostalgics of the Count bis and the dreamers of the Count ter, thank goodness that Draghi exists in Italy and in Europe”, reiterated Renzi, who then continued his attack against the grillini. «These local elections mark the disappearance of the M5S, we will make up for it. They will tell me: you are exaggerated. When we did the crisis we said that the Cinquestelle will disappear. They are moving towards consumption and we must respect this labor. In 2022 we will see a long night of San Lorenzo, we will see the stars fall from five stars to zero stars. Their parable helps us to understand that populism can be defeated. Grillino populism has completed its run, emblematic is the case of Milan. Conte intervened directly in the first person. In politics, likes and polls are not enough. Its squares at the rallies are full, you have to see if they go to see an influencer or the statesman ».

The leader of Italia Viva then shifted the focus to the administrative ones. “The result of the vote opens up a real, open space, a great space for those who believe in reformism and do not want to be an ally of the 5-star populists or of the sovereign and anti-European right. A significant, important space that we will try to grasp with humility, determination and the desire to expand starting from a fact: Italy is alive ». Then the support, declared, in Rome for Gualtieri. “When the ballot is between Gualtieri and Michetti, between a candidate with whom we have worked and one chosen by Giorgia Meloni, between a convinced Europeanist and a candidate chosen by an anti-Europeanist leader, we are with Gualtieri. We are committed to giving him a hand ».

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Finally, the return to a dear and never abandoned theme: the Mes. “I still think we need to take the Mes, which is 35 billion ill-counted that can impact on the lives of Italians. When we have to discuss the rules of the game again, it is important to know that we have taken all we could have taken ».

«We will take the camper back, we will travel all over Italy, province by province. The camper will be the symbol of the restart for the whole territory, the experience will last throughout 2022 and will be preparatory for an electoral campaign with a knife between the teeth to give leadership in Parliament to the reformist area ».

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