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Renzi’s latest appeal to the square: “Look for the undecided, let’s go and get them one by one”

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Renzi’s latest appeal to the square: “Look for the undecided, let’s go and get them one by one”

MILAN. Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, closes his Milanese election campaign in Piazza XXIV Maggio, on the Navigli. A fluent speech, lasting almost half an hour, addressed to a varied audience of several hundred people. For Renzi, the applause comes above all when he talks about infrastructures and Expo “big events change cities and we say this to the grillini who destroyed Rome by saying no to the Olympics”, adding “The culture of” no “has consequences: we said no to regasifiers, to Tap, to oil in Basilicata and therefore Italy is chattering its teeth while in France they have nuclear power ».

The expectations of the Third Pole here in Lombardy are high, there have been several rumors of hope for double figures at the polls but Renzi remains cautious and explains: “Our goal is to be the first party in the European 2024, but in the meantime to do as much as possible a good result here “and pressed by journalists on a possible 7-8% he says” I hope more “.

“I saw a good climate, many moderate people who do not want to vote for the Fiamma, former Forza Italia and former Lega, and many former Democratic parties who do not want to vote Di Maio and above all the concern is that a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for an agreement tomorrow with the grillini “specifies the leader of Italia Viva, who, speaking of the post-vote scenarios, reiterates:” We will never be with Giorgia Meloni, if he becomes prime minister we will be in opposition and we will never be in a jam between Pd and 5 Stars “. On the sidelines of the conference he also comments on the words of Silvio Berlusconi according to which Putin was pushed to war by the media and the Russians. “I believe that Berlusconi is not the most suitable person to talk to about Putin” replies Renzi dryly. The former prime minister also reserves a joke to the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni who in an interview seemed to “open” to the Third Pole: “Fratoianni, close the door you get cold,” Renzi cuts short. Finally, an appeal to the square and its supporters: “Go and look for the undecided, you have to take them one by one – and he concludes jokingly – get denounced for stalking by the neighbors”.

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