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Restoring Production and Rebuilding Homes: Hailin Bureau Company’s Efforts to Fast-Track Post-Disaster Recovery

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Restoring production and rebuilding homes丨Hailin Bureau Company: Make more efforts to press the “fast forward button” for post-disaster recovery

August 21, 2023 09:37:40

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Li Jian

Dredge the river.Photo by our reporter Li Jian
□Our reporter Li Jian

On the 18th, the reporter closely followed the footsteps of Wang Hu, an employee of the 22nd forest farm of the Longjiang Forest Industry and Sea Forestry Bureau Company, and crossed the cornfield to the bank of the Nanda River, where a large hook machine was tense Work, dredging the river.

“After the water recedes, we immediately use large-scale machinery to dredge the river, and the whole river will be dredged in three or four days.” Wang Hu introduced. On the bank of the Xiaobei River in the 22nd Forest Farm, Hou Songlin, director of the forestry farm, is instructing workers to clean up the river and debris on both banks.

At the Dashigou Forest Farm, more than a dozen workers are cleaning up the silt in the drainage canal. “Our dredging work is coming to an end. At the same time, we also help residents tidy up their yards and clear up debris, so that they can return to normal life as soon as possible.” Xu Shihai, Secretary of the Party Branch of Dashigou Forest Farm, introduced.

Party members and cadres in various forest farms also carried out comprehensive environmental sanitation and disinfection of flooded and polluted areas in various streets, which curbed the growth and reproduction of bacteria and viruses to the greatest extent, and laid a solid foundation for the restoration of production and life.

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The Hailin Bureau Company made multiple efforts to press the “fast forward button” for post-disaster reconstruction, striving to restore production and living order as quickly as possible. The Engineering Construction Department of the Hailin Bureau actively cooperated with the expert group of Heilongjiang Forestry Design Institute Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site surveys of forest farm houses, damaged roads, and bridges and culverts in forest areas that were seriously affected by the disaster.

“The appraisal report formed after this on-site investigation is extremely authoritative and will provide great help for us to start the reconstruction as soon as possible.” Xia Xiangjun, director of the engineering and construction department of Hailin Bureau Company, said that the feasibility report formed later allowed them to scientifically Reasonably carry out post-disaster reconstruction work.

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