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Changzhou City Launches ‘Changzhou Hydrogen Bay’ as Key Development Hub in Hydrogen Energy Industry

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Changzhou City Takes the Lead in Developing Hydrogen Energy Industry with the “Changzhou Hydrogen Bay”

Changzhou City is spearheading the development of the hydrogen energy industry with its focus on the entire process of hydrogen energy production, storage, delivery, and use. In line with this vision, the city is diligently constructing the “Changzhou Hydrogen Bay”. On the morning of August 19th, the first phase of the Changzhou Hydrogen Bay International Innovation Community was initiated in the West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park.

The project is situated east of Jincheng Road, south of Changze Road, west of Tenglong Road, and north of Changtang Road. Covering an area of 42 acres, it has a planned construction area of 42,100 square meters and a total investment of 350 million yuan. This venture is being carried out by the company, which aims to provide public services such as technology promotion, technology testing, engineering application, and innovation incubation for industry companies. The innovation community is focused on attracting manufacturers of core components related to hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and transportation, fuel cells, and hydrogen energy storage.

The first batch of projects that have already signed contracts and settled in includes the research and development and manufacturing of hydrogen energy valves by Westport, China, hydrogen energy core components by China Shipping Electricity, hydrogen energy testing equipment by Ruige, and innovative hydrogen energy equipment and testing by other companies. These projects demonstrate a high level of technological content and industrialization within the industry. Notably, Canada’s Westport Company plans to invest a total of $10 million in the research, development, manufacture, and sales of hydrogen valves with pressures of 35MPa and 70MPa. China Shipping Electric Power plans to invest 50 million yuan in establishing a hydrogen energy research and development center and production base. Ruige New Energy plans to invest 50 million yuan in establishing a hydrogen energy inspection and testing service center and equipment manufacturing base. Chuangsheng Intelligent intends to invest 30 million yuan in focusing on hydrogen energy assembly equipment and testing equipment, as well as new or recycled automatic production lines.

The “Changzhou Hydrogen Bay” has a planned area of 2 square kilometers, with an initial area of 1,000 mu. The goal is to build “one base, one demonstration area, and two centers” for the hydrogen energy industry, striving to achieve independent control over key hydrogen energy technologies within 3-5 years. The hydrogen energy industry cluster is already starting to take shape, and the demonstration and application of hydrogen energy are being widely implemented.

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Seizing the crucial opportunity in the development of a new energy capital, Wujin District and the West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park are expediting the introduction of flagship, leading, and innovative high-quality projects in the hydrogen energy industry. They are optimizing the development speed, heat, and altitude required to forge ahead on this new track. Several hydrogen energy industry chain projects are expected to be signed and settled within this year.

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