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Restricted passage in streets surrounding the National Library of El Salvador – Diario La Página

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The mayor of San Salvador confirmed the closure of some streets surrounding the National Library of El Salvador (BINAES), while the voluntary dismantling of street stalls located in those sectors continues.

In this sense, the passage of vehicles and people on these streets is closed, while public transportation will be redirected until the dismantling of structures and electrical systems, evacuation of bulky materials and cleaning of the sector is completed.

With the new mobilization of self-employed merchants, Phase 4 of Stage 1 of the Revitalization Plan of the Historic Center, led by Mayor Mario Durán, begins.

It is confirmed that the different bus and minibus routes that circulate to or from the southern area of ​​the capital will modify their route to avoid the intervention perimeter and will deviate towards Venezuela Boulevard. Passenger boarding and disembarking will be allowed at authorized stops on 8th and 10th Avenue South.

Meanwhile, private cars and motorcycles will have these same alternate routes and also Rubén Darío Street, Gerardo Barrios Street and San Jerónimo Emiliani Avenue, if they travel from the Poniente area of ​​the capital.

The streets in red are those that will be temporarily closed.

Pedestrians are authorized to travel on 4th Poniente Street, San Jerónimo Emiliani Avenue and also on 6th, 8th and 10th South Avenues.

In the area, control points and a deployment of managers from the Corps of Metropolitan Agents (CAM), Vice Ministry of Transportation (VMT) and National Civil Police (PNC) have been established to guide the population and manage vehicle flow.

These measures seek to clear the intervention area to protect the integrity of passers-by, drivers and users of public transport. In addition, facilitate the transportation of municipal personnel, collection trucks, pipes and emergency vehicles.

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