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Rigopiano, 5 convictions and 25 acquitted, the anger of family members – Abruzzo

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Rigopiano, 5 convictions and 25 acquitted, the anger of family members – Abruzzo

2 years and 8 months to the mayor. Victim relatives cry ‘shame’

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 23 – Five convictions and 25 acquittals. Six years after the tragedy of the Hotel Rigopiano in Farindola, overwhelmed and destroyed on 18 January 2017 by an avalanche, an event in which 29 people died, the sentence pronounced by the investigating judge of breaking latest news, Gianluca Sarandrea, sets off the anger of the family of the victims. There were 30 defendants including administrators and public officials, in addition to the manager and owner of the structure, accused in various capacities of the crimes of culpable disaster, multiple manslaughter, injuries, forgery, misdirection and building abuse. The sentences concern the manager and head of the traffic service of the Province of breaking latest news, Paolo D’Incecco and Mauro Di Blasio (three years and four months of prison each), the mayor of Farindola Ilario Lacchetta (2 years and 8 months of prison , but the prosecution had asked for 11 years and 4 months), all three accused of multiple manslaughter and multiple culpable injuries; the hotel manager and administrator and legal manager of the company “Gran Sasso Resort & SPA”, Bruno Di Tommaso, and the drafter of the technical report attached to the request from Gran Sasso spa to intervene on the canopies and verandas of the hotel, Giuseppe Gatto ( six months’ imprisonment each), accused of forgery. Among those acquitted were the former prefect of breaking latest news, Francesco Provolo (for whom a 12-year sentence had been requested) and the former president of the Province of breaking latest news, Antonio Di Marco.

At the reading of the sentence the screams of the families of the victims. “Shame shame. Injustice is done. Murderers.

Sold. You suck”. And one of the survivors of the tragedy Giampaolo Matrone, 39, who lost his wife Valentina Cicioni in the avalanche, addresses a threat to the judge: “it doesn’t end here”.

“We will await the evaluations of the sentence to evaluate the appeal. What emerges clearly is that the crime of culpable disaster has been canceled”, declares the head of the breaking latest news prosecutor Giuseppe Bellelli. (HANDLE).

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