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Risaralda beekeepers see increase in production due to ‘El Niño’

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Risaralda beekeepers see increase in production due to ‘El Niño’

In a recent statement, the Secretary of Agricultural Development, Juan Carlos Toro, confirmed the optimism that overwhelms the department’s beekeepers thanks to the recent heat waves. According to the official, these climatic variations have generated a favorable time for beekeeping activity, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

The good times that beekeepers are going through is evidence of the direct influence that the climate has on beekeeping, a reality that, in this case, has been favorable. The high temperatures recorded in recent weeks have provided ideal conditions for the development and activity of the hives, leading to an increase in the production of honey and other bee products.

José Humberto Rojas, beekeeper and specialist, argued that precisely in hot weather the bees multiply and move in swarms, after the hives become stronger: “This summer, they are preparing for the plants to bloom to bring nectar to the hive, now that summer is very intense there may be at the end of February, beginning of March. A bee produces a spoonful of honey during its entire life.

However, he emphasized that the hives have been disappearing thanks to the fumigations carried out on the crops: “They go and pollinate and they go to the hive poisoned; “There are few that resist the poison,” which is why he calls for care and awareness so that, during this time of increased temperature, the bees are taken care of.

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