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Rivarolo, the library turns 40 amid celebratory events and dreams for the future

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Rivarolo, the library turns 40 amid celebratory events and dreams for the future

RIVAROLO CANAVESE. One of the many important anniversaries that are celebrated in Rivarolo in this 2022 is the one concerning the Besso Marcheis library, which has completed 40 years of activity in the headquarters in via Palma di Cesnola.

«It is a year of important birthdays for our city, from the 40 years of the castle to the 50 years of our choir up to the 40 years of our library – comments the councilor for Culture Costanza Conta Canova. – Many things have happened and been done in these 40 years: from a simple library, affiliated to the interlibrary system headed by Ivrea, this year’s Italian book capital, it has become a real cultural centre. Not just a place to consult books, but a place to participate in events, always different, from book presentations to theatrical and musical performances».

The Sentinel of Monday 21 November in one minute

We are also looking to the future: «We have organized a program of events for the present, but we are also thinking about the future of our library, in larger premises – continues Conta Canova. – We have the dream, partially already feasible, of moving the library to Villa Vallero. We never stand still, these 40 years are not a goal but a new beginning».

The history of the library that began 40 years ago begins with the settlement in an ancient medieval stronghold in the city center, which in past centuries had been a theater and also a cinema, also used by the Nazi-fascists during the occupation for propaganda. After the war the building also became a boxing gym, then a municipal warehouse. Unsafe, in the seventies Professor Domenico Besso Marcheis managed to prevent its demolition and to restructure it according to a project by the architect Franco Paglia. Since 1982 the Library has found its headquarters there, returning to being a center of cultural aggregation at the hands of Besso Marcheis himself, to whom the library was named in 1995. To celebrate 40 years of the cultural institution of Rivarolo, a competition for the creation of a celebratory logo to be used for years to come. The winning project turned out to be that of the young graphics of Cuorgnè Patrizia Rizzi.

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Tight program. The celebratory events begin on Tuesday 22 at the nursery schools and kindergartens with the “National Week Born to read – Let’s go straight to Stories”. Saturday 26 from 21 the Sala Lux is named after Beppe Bertinetti, animator of the parish cinema; to follow Fragments of memory of the library 1982/2022 and the jazzcircus of the Brassvolé Quintet. On Friday 2 December at 20.45 the plaque dedicated to Bertinetti in the Sala Lux will be inaugurated, followed by the theatrical monologue “Voci di donna” with the actress Melania Giglio. On 3 December at 3 pm, the Archaeological Museum and Modern Art Gallery of Cuorgnè is organizing a guided tour in collaboration with the Amici del Castello Malgrà association.

On the 16th in the council chamber meeting at 21 with the writer Alice Basso and on the 18th in the Library and in the city center “Happy Birthday Library” with traveling entertainment by the Amis del Furn group. Finally, on the 19th, in the Aldo Moro and Santissima Annunziata schools, the conference on “Climate, glaciers and environmental emergencies” with Daniele Cat Berro in collaboration with the local section of the CAI.

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