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Rubble collapses, a wing of the cemetery in Montebelluna is closed

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Contarina and the Municipality had to intervene urgently. The cemetery has been in need of interventions for some time

MONTEBELLUNA. Rubble collapses in the cemetery of Montebelluna capital, Contarina forced to close some parts of the cemetery. The detachment of rubble occurred from the ceiling in the area of ​​the historic niches, to the right and left of the main entrance.

Both the technicians of Contarina and those of the Municipality intervened and immediately technical checks were carried out to ascertain the strength of the plaster and the stability in the damaged parts, following which some areas of the cemetery were off-limits to the public.

Contarina and the Municipality are discussing to execute the restoration work. The Montebelluna cemetery has been showing the signs of time for some time.

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