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San Giusto. The RSA locker room in the courtyard among the mice, staff in agitation

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It happens at the San Giuseppe retirement home. Discomfort for about twenty Oss, Don Marco: “We are deratting”

SAN GIUSTO CANAVESE. The staff changing room was moved to the courtyard for construction site needs. Since the refurbishment works of the internal changing rooms are in progress, since the end of June about twenty Oss that belong to the Kursana Piemonte cooperative, in the San Giuseppe retirement home owned by the parish body, before and after the shift they go to change at the inside a container which is located a few meters from the chemical toilets, and – not a small detail – adjacent to the cage which in turn contains the garbage bins. Where the mice run. The concern is above all hygienic. But the staff also complain about the temperature rising to intolerable levels during the day, the glass on the windows not screened and the door not closing. To keep it tight, we arrange with a broom of sorghum propped up under the handle. The interlocutor is the parish, with the president of the RSA Fr Marco Marchiando. “But until today we have not received any answers despite the fact that the situation is hallucinating, that’s why we decided to act, going all the way”: Francesco Sciarra of Uil Fpl Canavese collected the testimonies of the Oss. And “having acknowledged the impossibility of reaching a shared solution regarding the location of the changing room”, at a certain point he decided to write to the prefect communicating the opening of the state of agitation of the staff operating in the assistance service to the guests of the RSA and activation of cooling procedures. “I’m sorry that my previous attempts to find a shared solution were not met. The cooperative, obviously, cannot ».

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Yesterday, in the evening, Don Marco Marchiando clarified that “first of all it is necessary to specify that the first concern and concern of the management are, after the well-being of the guests, the legal guarantees due to every worker”. In this sense, “we are taking steps to ensure that their safeguards are respected, especially in terms of hygiene and safety. This objective includes the arrangement of the locker rooms of the employees all within the structure for which the relative works are in progress. They are taking place and there is a reasonable certainty that they will be completed within two months ». In the meantime, “a provisional structure has been prepared which, albeit with some inevitable shortcomings, makes it possible to cope with the contingent situation. Regarding the presence of rats, rodent control has been provided and will continue to do so where necessary. Always available for discussion and to find shared solutions, the invitation is therefore to collaborate and to avoid any exploitation of a situation, which although uncomfortable, is completely temporary ».

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