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Santa Marta received the South American Fire

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Santa Marta received the South American Fire

Tonight, July 11, Santa Marta received the South American Fire and is preparing for the start of the V South American Sea and Beach Games.

After traveling more than 7,000 kilometers from Rosario, Argentina, the Fuego Deportivo came to Samaria to be one of the guests of honor at the multi-sport party for the V South American Beach Games.


The Fire was guarded by the director of the fifth edition of the jousting, Abraham Katimeand the mascot of the Games, by flower. In Bahía, successful and representative athletes from the region such as Melany Bolaños, Santiago Teherán, Estrella Lobo, Natalia Linares and Arnovis Dalmero received the Fire to take it to La Villa Bolivariana.

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There, the mayoress of Santa Marta, Virna Johnson, received him at a special ceremony, where the governor of Magdalena was also present. They also made the official delivery of the clothing of the volunteers who will be at the V South American Games in Playa Santa Marta 2023. The act was full of culture and sport and the mascot and the song of the jousts were officially presented.

El Fuego will continue its journey through the neighborhoods and towns before lighting the cauldron at the inauguration next Friday, July 14, in El Rodadero.

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