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Satisfied with activist Nawaz Sharif’s speech, but only two boxes of sweets?

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Satisfied with activist Nawaz Sharif’s speech, but only two boxes of sweets?

Pakistan Muslim League-N had announced Nawaz Sharif’s speech to celebrate the ‘victory’ of the election at the party’s central office in Model Town area of ​​Lahore on Friday evening.

The party leaders and workers were in a state of confusion due to the delay in the results of the election held last day and the fact that the superiority in the national and provincial assemblies was not clear.

We reached the PML-N office at four o’clock today, and there were a few journalists and counting workers inside. However, soon the successful candidates from different constituencies of Lahore started arriving with their supporters.

The most enthusiastic reception was given to Atta Tarar. The workers put them on their shoulders and took them inside the gate.

A lot of workers gathered till 7 pm but not as much as 2013 rush, workers were not very enthusiastic.

The party leaders present there looked confused. Everyone seemed to be asking the same question, ‘Until now, PML-N has not been able to get enough seats to form a government with a simple majority?’

Many activists appeared to complain that the reason for the defeat of most of the PML-N candidates was the lack of effective campaigning.

The conditions were not such that candidates supported by Tehreek-e-Insaf could win in such numbers. This is the reason why our voters did not show that we are winning.

Around eight o’clock there was a sudden commotion, the gate opened and Nawaz Sharif entered the car along with Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz.

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Workers showered flower petals on his car, sloganeering started and workers gathered around the car.

With difficulty, the car reached the back of the office and Nawaz Sharif entered the office along with other leaders.

Media cameras were installed where Nawaz Sharif was to address. Meanwhile, the victory celebration continued with fireworks and slogans, but there were two boxes of sweets that appeared to be inside the office.

Food was arranged for the workers yesterday, but the sweets were not distributed today.

Before Nawaz Sharif’s address, journalists kept asking PML-N leader Azam Nazir Tarar what he could announce, but he replied that he would make an announcement only after consultation. According to the results, they will talk about bringing other parties together.

After such a long time, Nawaz Sharif came out, other leaders were also with him. He seemed quite satisfied and expressed his happiness to see the fireworks.

In his address, there was no tough talk, but he kept emphasizing on the need to solve the country’s problems together.

He announced that ‘according to the results, we are the only party to get the most seats in the federation and Punjab, we will form a strong government together with independent members and other parties.’

As soon as they heard this announcement, the enthusiasm of the PML-N workers doubled and they started shouting slogans ‘Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.’

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Nawaz Sharif congratulated the successful candidates and thanked the workers and voters for this success.

When the speech was over, the local leader of the PML-N threw five hundred rupee notes from the roof of the garage, which was used as a stage, and the workers jumped on the notes.

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At the same time, a woman standing on a corner asked innocently, ‘Mian Sahib won?’

We asked: ‘Where are you from and didn’t you come to celebrate the victory?’

They said, ‘I have come from Bhatigate and I have voted for Sher with a disabled young son. It was heard here whether Nawaz Sharif will become the Prime Minister or not because it is not known on TV whether he will be able to form the government or someone else will form it.

A large number of workers kept trying to open the doors of the office to meet Nawaz Sharif, but the security guards did not allow them to enter.

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