Home News “Schools will close”: the alarm of the trade unions. Zaia: “Let the Cts express itself”

“Schools will close”: the alarm of the trade unions. Zaia: “Let the Cts express itself”

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«There are also all the uncertainties relating to the time of canteen management and in cases, even there, of preventive surveillance. We await the note “which will be sent to schools by the Ministry of Education” but there is certainly not an easy path. The schools will close in defense of health because those who have not thought about it at the national level do not know that, unfortunately, at the peripheral level the managers have responsibilities ». The general secretary of CISL school, Maddalena Gissi, said this to the breaking latest news at the end of the meeting of the trade unions with the head of the Department of Education.

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During the meeting, the head of department, Jacopo Greco, illustrated the new rules in view of the return to school, confirmed in attendance next Monday, 10 January. According to what is learned, during the meeting, which began shortly after 10 in online mode, the unions were explained that a note of support for the implementation of the rules will be sent to the schools.

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“On the school – intervenes the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia – I think the authoritative scientific expression of the CTS is fundamental, which we are still waiting for, after this request was presented to the Regions Conference and brought to the Government on my initiative”. For the governor, in the face of “the important wave of contagion” and the consequent debate on whether or not to reopen “we are faced with a scenario that will be an ‘ordeal’ for the school, among teachers affected by Covid, others absent due to illness, others still no vax and new Dad rules. In short, that of the school risks being a false opening ».

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Meanwhile, the regional government will postpone the reopening of schools for three days in Sicily to allow all organizational aspects to be verified due to the increase in infections from Covid. Furthermore, the president of the national association of principals, Antonello Giannelli, remarked that “already in these hours, the number of positive students, in some schools, has reached the order of tens and even hundreds and this makes it almost impossible to implement the procedures envisaged. In my opinion it is very unlikely that the health system, despite the support of pharmacies in the execution of swabs for secondary school students, will be able to quickly dispose of the enormous workload ».

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Also for this reason, on Monday Giannelli will meet the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, to whom he will reiterate the requests already formulated in recent days: “The school, at this moment, is carrying out a support function for the health system” Giannelli continues, who today has he asked that “clear and applicable indications be provided to school managers, to ensure greater effectiveness in the management of the cases that are arising. We feel the duty to be very clear towards families and students ».

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“There are school leaders who legitimately protest and ask to close schools: it is right to listen to them and provide them with solutions. There are many others who do not. Like the prof. D’Ambrosio di Vo Euganeo, who for two years has been fighting against Covid with a thousand ideas, or like prof. Squillace of the ‘Volta’ of Milan, who “is ashamed that the school principals and teachers are asking for Dad”, since “the school is an essential public service and we have all been hired to organize and carry out our work”. It is right to listen to all the workers, but it is also right to listen to the families of students who are tired of distance learning. In particular, the mothers and fathers of disabled students, over 300,000 in Italy, who have lost all their achievements due to Dad, all the progress achieved thanks to the work done by their support teachers “. The Undersecretary for Education Rossano Sasso writes this and then adds: «Nobody talks about them, but at the Ministry we know well how to protect their right to study and inclusion. We have demonstrated this with the circular of 12 March 2021 that we will defend as a conquest of civilization and protection of the rights of the weakest. The Government must help the Regions and act immediately with greater tracking, with Ffp2 masks and with ventilation systems, to ensure greater safety conditions for school workers. The resources are there, sharing and political will are needed. The League is there ».

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