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Sentenced to 10 years in prison, but Oussama (36) lived in hiding as a DJ in Thailand (Domestic)

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Oussama Achmal worked as a DJ in Thailand (left). He was recently arrested by Thai police (right). — © if

Brussel –

In our country, police forces had been looking for him for years because he shot at his girlfriend’s car on a Sunday evening in a busy street. All those years, Oussama Achmal (36) lived in hiding as a DJ in Thailand, it now appears.

Source: Own reportingYesterday at 3:58 PM

On Sunday evening, January 19, 2014, a man shot at a VW Golf that was driving through the Genstesteenweg in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. A 32-year-old Frenchman and two young women were in the car. The shooter clearly targeted the occupants: he fired four bullets. The driver was shot in the leg. He was seriously injured and taken to the UZ Brussels in Jette.

It looked like a settlement in the drugs environment, but one of the passengers contradicted this: it was about heartbreak. “I know who that shooter is,” one of the women in the car told police. “That was my ex-boyfriend, Oussama Achmal.”

Achmal was not convinced at that time that he was the ex-boyfriend. The breakup had not yet been digested. In his eyes, he had caught his girlfriend with her French lover.

After the shooting, Achmal fled and had been on the run for days.

Ten years in prison

While the Belgian police were looking for him, Achmal lived as a DJ in the seaside resort of Patong. — © if

Achmal was sentenced to ten years in prison on June 1, 2018 by the Brussels Court of Appeal. The man from Laeken was present at his own trial, but his immediate arrest was not announced in the courtroom. Shortly afterwards the man disappeared without a trace.

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Left for Thailand, as it turned out last month. Achmal traveled to Thailand with his Belgian passport and lived successively in Bangkok, Sisaket and Phuket. He recently lived in the seaside resort of Patong: Phuket’s main tourist attraction, known for its nightlife. Achmal made a name for himself there as a DJ in a club.

Thailand received an extradition request from our country in December. The Belgian was arrested in his apartment in Patong. If Achmal is deported to Belgium, he will have to serve his prison sentence here.

Oussama Achmal, after his arrest by the Thai police. — © if

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