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Settimo Vittone, the Orlarey school wins in the national competition on the environmental future

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Fly the project on the shadow theater. The four teachers guide the children’s work


There is satisfaction among the children and teachers of the Orlarey Kindergarten, who a few days ago learned that they were ranked first in the national environmental education competition promoted by Images for the Earth and Green Cross in collaboration with the Ministry of ‘instruction. “2030: the future is now!” (this is the theme) asked us to reflect on the time we have left to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and to take action. The project was carried out by the 4 teachers Maria Giovanna Ugato, Elisabetta Facelli, Caterina Vizza and Martina Gnorra who have been working on this front for some time. “The territory – they say – is the didactic laboratory, the open-air classroom in which to find stimuli, reflect, experiment, play, discuss, learning to cooperate”.

The project was developed throughout the school year and ended with the conception and creation of a shadow theater entitled “Nobody excluded, Ramolaccio do you want to dance?”. “The idea – explains the project representative Maria Giovanna Ugato – was born from a visit to the Turin Cinema Museum”.

In recent years the school had already taken part in a competition aimed at promoting the production and consumption of fruit and vegetables. Taking advantage of the available spaces, that is a small vegetable garden at school and one in the mountains at 1440 meters; in Fontainemore in Coumarial the children had in fact sown some varieties of vegetables, ranking in second place. This time the children became acquainted with the UN 2030 Agenda and the 17 global objectives through multiple experiences, from watching films to carrying out simple experiments with land and water, up to participation in initiatives such as those of the ” Unmatched socks ”or“ Earth Day ”.

“The children – explains the teacher Maria Giovanna – invented a narrative text that through small adventures and many friends (kings, queens, nymphs, animals, flowers, lakes) brought us closer to the discovery of eco-sustainable behaviors”. Now all that remains is to wait for the official award ceremony scheduled for the next few months which will take place at the Quirinale in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

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