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Shanghai university boy was expelled for throwing foreign objects into the girls cup- International- Real Time International

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Shanghai university boy was expelled for throwing foreign objects into the girls cup- International- Real Time International

Shanghai college boy expelled for throwing foreign object into girls cup

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(Shanghai, China, 15th) A boy from Shanghai International Studies University in China dropped a foreign object into a girl’s coffee cup on the day.

According to Xinhua News Agency and other media reports, due to the serious behavior of the boy Yin Moumou and the bad influence, the school has given Yin Moumou a punishment of expulsion from the school according to the procedures on the 14th. At the same time, in accordance with the CCP’s rules and disciplines, its probationary party membership was cancelled.

Earlier, according to the official Weibo account of “Shanghai International Studies University” on the 12th, when a girl was studying in the school library, she found that a foreign object was thrown into a coffee cup by her classmate Yin Moumou. That afternoon, Yin Moumou was taken away by the public security organs for investigation.

The next day, the Songjiang Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued a police report saying that after a preliminary investigation, 21-year-old Yin Moumou threw a foreign object into the girl’s coffee cup when she left her seat. After taking a sip, the girl noticed that the coffee was unusual, poured out the remaining coffee, and reported it to the school security department. After the hospital examination, no abnormality was found in the girl’s body.

According to the police report, Yin Moumou admitted to putting half a taurine effervescent tablet purchased online in the girl’s coffee cup.

The police station has sent the relevant physical evidence to the professional technical department for inspection, and the relevant investigation work is in progress.

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After the incident, many netizens searched and found that on multiple e-commerce platforms, taurine effervescent tablets were promoted by merchants as “products to enhance libido or aphrodisiac”. But many doctors and experts say that taurine does not have this function.

From the perspective of legal professionals, the key points of the case are whether the taurine effervescent tablet is food or a drug, and whether the boy Yin Moumou subjectively mistakenly believes that the taurine effervescent tablet has the It has aphrodisiac effect, and hopes to achieve the purpose of aphrodisiac by putting it into the girl’s cup.

On the e-commerce platform, there are not a few merchants selling taurine effervescent tablets. It is worth noting that it has been labeled with inductive labels such as “female only” and “good drink”, as well as business introductions, this product is a product developed for women to enhance sexual desire or aphrodisiac, and emphasizes confidential delivery.

However, after the Shanghai Foreign Language incident, most of the products related to “taurine” with some sexual innuendo have been removed from the shelves, and currently only taurine-related beverages or related nutritional products are displayed.

What exactly is Taurine Effervescent Tablets? The data show that taurine, as an endogenous amino acid, has a certain central inhibitory effect, can regulate the excitability and body temperature of nervous tissue, has antipyretic, sedative, labor pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and other effects, and can also improve The body’s non-specific immune function.

Many doctors and nutritionists said that taurine effervescent tablets do not have the so-called “aphrodisiac” effect advertised by merchants.

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