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Shangqiu City held a city-wide safety production video conference – China Daily

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On July 21, Shangqiu City held a city-wide video and teleconference on production safety to fully implement the deployment requirements of national and provincial video and teleconferences on production safety, analyze and judge the city’s production safety situation, and arrange the deployment of key tasks for the next step. Mayor Bai Xiangyang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Municipal leaders Zhang Jiaming, Liang Wantao, Li Jiancang, Pan Feng, Xue Fenglin, and Li Jinfa, secretary-general of the municipal government, attended the meeting.

Bai Xiangyang emphasized that all departments at all levels in the city should improve their positions, resolutely assume the political responsibility of ensuring the safety of one party, adhere to the people first, life first, coordinate development and safety, and strictly implement “one post, two responsibilities” and “three managements and three musts”. In order to provide a solid guarantee for the stable and healthy development of the economy and society of Shangqiu City, we will spare no effort to maintain the continuous and stable situation of safe production.

Bai Xiangyang demanded that the key points should be highlighted, and the various measures for safety production should be resolutely grasped. It is necessary to strengthen the investigation and rectification of safety hazards in key areas, carry out in-depth inspections of safety production and special rectification work in key areas, and comprehensively investigate and rectify gas, liquefied gas, hazardous chemicals, limited space, fire protection, road traffic, self-built houses, public safety, etc. hidden safety hazards, and effectively form closed-loop management. It is necessary to strengthen the prevention of drowning safety, fully mobilize the responsibilities of schools, families, governments and other social entities, strengthen publicity and education, patrol inspections, and emergency preparedness, and work together to build a “safety net” for young people to prevent drowning. It is necessary to strengthen the management of hidden safety hazards in key places, formulate special work plans, conduct in-depth and detailed inspections, and strictly prevent accidents. It is necessary to strengthen emergency flood prevention and flood preparations, achieve the “five in place” of command, information, transportation, team, and materials, and resolutely adhere to the “gold standard” for flood prevention and disaster relief without casualties.

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Bai Xiangyang demanded that responsibilities should be consolidated, the chain of responsibility for production safety should be tightened, and the implementation of important policies for production safety should be further implemented, strict law enforcement inspections, and serious accountability. It is necessary to further handle the relationship between epidemic prevention and control, economic development and production safety, and earnestly achieve “the epidemic must be prevented, the economy must be stabilized, and development must be safe”, and practical actions must be taken to ensure the stability of the city’s security situation, and for the party’s second The ten major victory convening to create a good security environment.

The meeting informed the city’s safety production work in the first half of the year, and the city leaders deployed the safety production work in charge of the field.

The conference will have branch venues in each county (city, district) and each township (town, street).

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